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  1. REDIRECT Top 10 list:Characters With More Depth Than Edward and Bella
Bella and Edward would of had twins

There names would of been Annabelle and Mason

Jacob would of imprinted on Lizzie

Lizzie and Jacob would of had a son named Billy

Leah found love with a good guy

Caius would of never killed Irina

Irina forgave the wolves

The honeymoon sex on Isle Esme would of been more interesting

The Cullens wouldn't hover over Bella when she hold's her babies

Rosalie kills Jacob

The wolf pack would learn how to cook their own meals

Feel free to keep the list going!
Mason is very protective of his Annabelle

Jacob wouldn't act like such a puppy dog when the Cullens are planning to move

Annabelle would still have the power of an anti-shield

Mason would have the power to Manipulate minds

Annabelle wouldn't be called "Nessie"

If Jacob got close to Annabelle, Mason would jump at him

Alice would have more lines in the movie/book

Jasper wouldn't hover so much

A battle between the volturi guards and the olypic coven and wolves

Bella and Edward would not get together

Jacob and Bella would have little puppies

Bella would never have had a child.

Her ability would be something less powerful and the ability to sense where someone is.

Rosalie would still dislike Bella.

Bella would have happily participated in the planning of the wedding and Alice would be a real sister...not a glorified party planner.

Jacob would introduce his imprintee Lizzie to everyone and visit occasionally.

Renesmee wouldn't have been born. The Volturi and Cullens/Wolves would have actually fought. Edward dies in battle. His dying wish is for Bella to be happy and not commit suicide. Bella tries to commit suicide anyway. Jacob stops her. Bella finally decides to find happiness like Edward said. She marries Jacob. They have a kid. The kid turns into a werewolf when he grows up.

Seth would imprint on renesmee and jacob would get over bella on his own and not fall in love with a baby for godsake!!!....he would go to attack renesmee but rosaile would stop him.

Jacob would have married Leah and THEIR child would have imprinted on Renesmee.

Bella could've had the ability to create life and given Rose her wish of a baby. I know it's weird, but it's just a thought I entertain when I'm bored.

ALICE WOULD HAVE BEEN THERE!!! I don't like BD much cuz Alice is in almost none of it.

Got this off of a fanfiction-Jacob goes too far with the blonde jokes and does one about babies and Rosalie attacks.

Caius would have "confiscated" Renesmee indefinitely.

Aro would have talked to Bella more.

Jacob would have just given up or had a fight with Edward and lost, Jacob would have still lived though and had to live in pain until he imprinted on Leah

Bella never turns into a vampire

Jacob goes to kill Renesmee and looks in her eyes but never imprints and nearly kills her but Rosalie manages to run and send Edward a mind note: Jacob trying 2 kill Renesmee! Edward manages to get Bella's heart beating and bites onto the Heart so the heart spreads the venom everywhere. The others come and Rosalie comes back in the house when Jacob goes with Renesmee and when Bella wakes up she hunts and gets to hold Renesmee and now properly looking after her. The wolves turn up in human form including Jacob and demands Renesmee shall be killed and then Bella whilst holding Renesmee comes out the house and Jacob realises she lived and now is a vampire and barges straight over to her to try and kill Renesmee himself and Bella kicks him and all of the Cullens run back in the house and 3months later Volturi show up WITH wolves and really demand baby should be dead. Cullens with Denali and other vamps like in BD fight and win and Cullens move somewhere else and jacob, well he dies! XD

Edward makes love with Bella and kills her. to late to change her so he take her dead body bak to the house and calls the wolves and the Cullens and show them Bella. Jacob gets angry and kills Rosalie. he runs away. Edward goes to the volturi and joins them. Magically Bella comes back to life human. Jacob imprints on her. Three years later, Jacob and Bella take their baby girl, Harper to the Volturi for a visit. Edward sees Harper and becomes very depressed. Edward kills himself. ad they live happily ever after

Bella would have actually sacrificed something

Imprinting would have been outed for the sham it is instead of being called "true love"

Bella would have realized that she has no personality or life that doesn't revolve around Edward and would have ran away a week before the wedding and not come back until years later when she's finally "found" herself and realizes that Edward or Jacob wasn't the big decision that her life needed to revolve around. She then starts a new relationship with either of them and actually gets to know them and experiences real love instead of obsession. If it's Edward she reconnects with she becomes a vampire and deals woth the consequences such as blood lust and never seeing her family again. If she reconnects with Jacob she lives her life out human with her dream career and kids, but little money which will a sorce of tension. But in the love will prevail not obsession.

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