Kumboh: the master of hypnotic vision.

Hypnotic vision is Kumboh's gift to induce confusion and short-term memory loss in another individual by looking them in the eye.



Kumboh's white eyes.

This power worked by Kumboh staring directly at his target; anyone who looked became momentarily stunned, confused and disoriented with a memory loss. While using this power, his eyes turned pearl white. Kumboh could use it to distract his target long enough to either escape or deliver an attack, and even erase short-term memories to avoid attention from humans.


This power was limited to inducing momentary confusion; the target could recollect their thoughts after the user looked away.

A subject had to look directly in Kumboh's eyes for this power to be effective. He also had to be very close to his target. Since this power worked by sending suggestions into its targets' minds, it was most likely ineffective against Bella Swan due to her ability to repel psychic powers.


The GroundskeeperEdit


Kumboh compelling the night patron.

"Weren't you having a drink?"
"Yes… yes… yes, I-I can't remember."
―Kumboh and a patron.[src]

In The Groundskeeper, Kumboh stunned a night patron, leaving her confused, before walking in to visit Alice Cullen. When he walked away, she found herself unable to remember what she was supposed to do. While in a fight against James and Victoria, he was overpowered and James pressed his boot to Kumboh's throat. Kumboh then used this power to distract James long enough to break his leg then run away.

Similar abilitiesEdit

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