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[[File:Doubt New York Premiere Arrivals -u0Dtep832ol.jpg|thumb|250px|Howard Shore]]
#REDIREC [[Crew#Shore, Howard]]
'''Howard Leslie Shore''' (born October 18, 1946) is a [ Canadian] [ composer], notable for his film scores. He has composed the scores for over 40 films, most notably the scores for ''[ The Lord of the Rings]'' film trilogy, for which he won three Academy Awards. He is also a consistent collaborator with director [ David Cronenberg], having scored all but one of his films since 1979.
He is also a prolific composer of concert works; his first opera, ''[ The Fly]'', based on the plot (though not his score) of Cronenberg's [ 1986 film] premiered at the [ Théâtre du Châtelet] in Paris on 2 July 2008.<sup class="reference" id="cite_ref-0">[ [1&#93;]</sup>
Shore is a three-time winner of the [ Academy Award], and has also won two [ Golden Globe Awards] and four [ Grammy Awards]. He is the uncle of film composer [ Ryan Shore].<sup class="reference" id="cite_ref-1">[ [2&#93;]</sup>
He is best known to this wiki for being the composer of the [[Eclipse score|''Eclipse'' score]].
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