"There were things I still wanted. To be married, and a house with a husband that kissed me when he came home. A family of my own. But most of all I wanted a baby. So much."
―Rosalie's wishes in a deleted scene of Eclipse.[src]

Henry was the young son of Vera, Rosalie's best friend.


According to Rosalie, the first time she was ever truly jealous of anyone was when Vera had baby Henry. She thought Henry was beautiful and wanted a family of her own. He was born sometime in 1931.

When Rosalie visited Vera and her husband for the last time, Henry was beginning to sit up on his own. Rosalie also says that when she first saw Emmett being mauled by a bear his appearance reminded her of Henry, with the same dimples, dark curls and look of innocence, so she saved him and had Carlisle turn him into a vampire.

Physical appearanceEdit

Henry was said to have dark curls, dimples and an innocent smile.

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