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Here are more examples of wikitext formatting, specific to links.

Wikitext cheatsheet

Internal links

You typeYou getLinks toDescriptionFor example
Wiki links
[[A]]AAInternal link
[[A B]]A BA BInternal link
[[A]][[B]]ABA, BInternal link
[[A#B]]A#BA (section B)Internal link with jump to section (within a local wiki)Help:Links#Types of internal links
[[:Category:A]]Category:ACategory:ALinking to a category or imageCategory:Browse
[[lang:B]](The linking code may be placed anywhere in the edit box, but they are most commonly collected at the bottom of the page.) Interlanguage links
[[:lang:B]]lang:B Interlanguage links
[[site:B]]site:B Linking to an external WikiWikipedia:Main page
[[w:c:wiki:B]]w:c:wiki:B Linking to another Wikia wikiw:c:starwars:Jedi
Piped link
[[A|B]]BAInternal linkDisplayed text
[[A#B|C]]CA (section B)
Pipe trick
[[A (b)|]]
is converted to [[A (b)|A]]
AA (b)Bracket and what follows
[[A, B|]]
is converted to [[A, B|A]]
A"A, B"Comma and what follows
is converted to [[pre:A|A]]
Apre:ANamespace or other prefix that precedes a colon
is converted to [[:lang:name:A|name:A]]
name:Alang:name:ANamespace or other prefix that precedes a colon
[[pre:A (b)|]]
is converted to [[pre:A (b)|A]]
Apre:A (b)

External links

You typeYou getLinks to
External links
[ Displayed text]Displayed text
[ a]sas

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