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An example of the <verbatim> tag being used on Twilight's Main Page. It pulls the code from MediaWiki:TwilightTwitterWidget


Continuing from the last image, Twilight's verbatim code then renders a nice looking Twitter box that fits nicely with the rest of their main page

The <verbatim> tag allows for wiki pages to be injected with HTML code that MediaWiki traditionally does not render, such as <a> (anchor), <script> or <style> tags.

This allows for communities to use code snippets provided by third-party providers, such as for Twitter or Facebook feeds, and integrate them into the wiki.

The verbatim tag is only enabled on a select number of Wikia communities. Contact Wikia Staff with questions.

Prior to use

Before use of the verbatim tag, it is important to consider whether the code snippet in question will circumvent, or otherwise bypass, disable, or override features, or in any way inject things into pages that harm users or wikias. These violate Wikia's Terms of Use and will not be tolerated. Codes that collect information about users, redirect them without warning to third-party sites, or gives users unauthorized cookies will be removed by staff and possibly lead to a global ban against your account. If you have any questions about whether or not a code snippet is appropriate for your wikia, please contact Wikia staff for their assessment.

Step by step

  1. Collect the desired HTML from a trustworthy site.
  2. Choose a MediaWiki page for the code to reside on. Give it a name that describes the purpose of the code: for example, if you are embedding a Twitter widget, consider naming the page MediaWiki:TwitterWidget.
  3. Edit the page in source mode and paste in the code. Pay careful attention that all tags opened (such as <div> or <span>) have a corresponding closing tag (i.e. </div> or </span>).
  4. Save the MediaWiki page. More likely than not, it will not render in an aesthetically pleasing way. However, don't worry about how the MediaWiki page looks, it will look better once the verbatim tag is used.
  5. Go to the page that you wish to use the code on. Edit the page and write <verbatim></verbatim> in source mode, placing the MediaWiki page name between the opening and closing tags. For example, if you are using MediaWiki:TwitterWidget, write:

Note: if a targeted MediaWiki page doesn't exist, such as <verbatim>Notreal</verbatim>, the output is that string surrounded by greater-than and lesser-than signs (in this case, <Notreal>).

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