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Throughout the Twilight series, gifted humans are humans who manifest special abilities, qualities, personality traits or strong desires before they are turned into vampires. After they are turned, that ability or desire will likely magnify into a supernatural talent. Depending on the clarity of its human manifestation, the level of that talent varies after the change.

The Quileute tribal members descended from Taha Aki all manifested magical powers that allowed them to transform into giant wolves. This and the telepathic link between them in wolf form identifies them as "gifted".

Notable gifted humans

Such humans have made numerous appearances.

  • Bella-306318 429619423747956 93621998 n

    Bella Swan

    Bella Swan is capable of shielding herself from all sorts of psychic powers. As a vampire, she becomes able to extend her shield to protect others other than herself. Her power was seemingly inherited from her father.
  • Normal 036

    Charlie Swan

    Charlie Swan manifests a mental defense that reduces the effects of a psychic influence on his mind. This trait was later passed down to his much more powerful daughter Bella. Though he is gifted, he does not become a vampire.
  • 180px-Alice-549586 429619280414637 713310565 n-600x839

    Alice Cullen

    Alice Cullen was gifted with a weak but predictable sense of the future. Her predictions weren't always certain and mostly manifested as feelings, but at times she could see them in visions when the future was set. This ability brought to her names and bad reputation as a human. She discovered her father had hired hitmen to kill her mother and later Alice herself through these visions, but was later taken into a mental asylum, where she befriended a vampire. When Alice witnessed her death at the hands of another vampire named James, her friend turned her to save her. After becoming a vampire, her visions were heightened and allowed her to see the future much more clearly, though it still had flaws.
  • Jasper-418328 429620800414485 412720940 n

    Jasper Hale

    Jasper Hale was very charismatic as a human and he was able to persuade others to think his way. After Maria changed him, his charismatic nature became a supernatural talent that allowed him to feel and influence the feelings of those around him. He mainly used it to keep the wild newborns in the army under control. Whenever he killed someone, human or vampire, he felt their pain.
  • Jane


    Jane, and her twin brother Alec, manifested unclear psychic powers to the people around them while they were children. They were able to bring fortune to those who treated them nicely and misfortune to those who treated them otherwise. Aro was told of the twins' latent potential and hoped to change them when they were older. He was forced to change them sooner than expected, when their village accused them of witchcraft and condemned them to burn at the stake. By experiencing the torment of burning death, Jane's anger and desire for others to feel the same pain manifested into an illusionary ability to inflict a burning torment on anyone she saw. After becoming a vampire, Jane's frightening power made her one of the most valuable members of the Volturi guard.
  • Alec-alec-of-the-volturi-10072364-375-500


    Alec, along with his twin sister Jane, manifested unclear psychic powers when they were children. Anyone who treated him and his family with kindness was often rewarded with fortune while misfortune was brought on those who did the opposite. Aro was told of the twins' latent potential and hoped to change them when they were older. He was forced to change them sooner than expected, when their village accused them of witchcraft and condemned them to burn at the stake. By experiencing the burning pain that nearly killed him, Alec focused fully on escaping the pain and consequently manifested into a power to block senses. After he became a vampire, his paralyzing power made him one of the most valuable members of the Volturi guard.
  • James


    James was a skilled and powerful hunter as a human - he was trained to hunt and trap by his father. This skill allowed him to survive by himself when his parents were killed, and later earned him title and fame in the nearby areas. After he was transformed by a French vampire, this skill manifested a powerful sensory that allowed him to detect his prey's movements and track them down.
  • Rocku like


    Victoria led an abusive human life: her employers often assaulted her for any fault or just by being visible. To survive, she learned to sneak and hide from her pursuers, and then survive on her own by stealing food without notice. After she became a vampire, this self-preservation turned into a power that allowed her to sense and evade danger. Unlike most gifted vampires, her power wasn't naturally born with. Instead, her abusive life perfected her ability to survive.
  • Didyme, Marcus's deceased wife, had as a human the dormant ability to induce happiness in others, which prompted her with many suitors. After she changed, it manifested much more strongly. Whoever was with her was always influenced by her happy aura.
  • Kate-311674 429620897081142 1923271342 n


    Kate was trained to be a bodyguard loyal to whomever she is assigned to protect. As a vampire, her protective instinct allowed her to mentally shock people.
  • Benjamin-547723 429619517081280 308588573 n


    Benjamin was known to have been an extraordinarily gifted human since he was a child, due to his power to control the natural elements. His distant uncle used his gift for street performance, which prompted Amun to change him. As a human, he only controlled fire, but he began to manifest the other elements after becoming a vampire.
  • TTS-BP2-3


    Alistair was a skilled hunter as a human and enjoyed the company of falcons more than people. By becoming a vampire, his skill turned into a power to feel an elusive gravitational pull to whatever he seeks, even inanimate objects.
  • Fred shunned all social contact and became emotionally and physically distant from people. As a vampire, his withdrawal turned into a power that allowed him to drive away pursuers by inflicting them with a sense of repulsion.
  • Raoul was a gang leader and a criminal as a human. When he became a vampire, his sense of superiority became a power to draw directionless individuals toward him and make them view him as their leader.

Quileute tribal members

  • Kaheleha was a spirit chief of the tribe in ancient times, before the tribe's magic was altered to transforming into giant wolves. At that time, he and the other chiefs possessed the power of astral projection, which they used to protect their tribe from enemies.
  • Eclipse-taha-aki-2090071

    Taha Aki

    Taha Aki was a spirit chief in the 12th century. He was the first tribal member to shapeshift into a wolf.
  • Taha Wi was Taha Aki's son, who naturally inherited the power to phase into a wolf.
  • Utlapa was Taha Aki's spirit warrior before betraying him by possessing his body to take over the tribe. At that time, his tribal power was astral projection.
  • Yaha Uta was Taha Aki's son who inherited the power to phase into a wolf.
  • Sam in Eclipse

    Sam Uley

    Sam Uley was the first person of the latest generation to inherit the power to shapeshift. As he took care of the other members, he naturally assumed the role of Alpha in the Uley pack, which became important when Jacob refused the role.

    Jared Cameron

    Jared Cameron was the second Quileute of the latest generation to phase, after Sam Uley. He was known to have the best sight of the pack, and was later promoted to his pack's "Beta".
  • Paul 1

    Paul Lahote

    Paul Lahote was the third person to join the Uley pack. He had the hardest time controlling his phasing, since it was mainly triggered by anger. Furthermore, Paul's temperamental behavior was heightened by the change.
  • Promo-Posters-breaking-dawn-part-2-32432552-500-673

    Jacob Black

    Jacob Black was the fifth Quileute to join the Uley pack; with his rightful place to Alpha, Jacob broke away from the pack and formed one of his own. As the Alpha, he had a supernatural command over his followers.
  • Leah 1

    Leah Clearwater

    Leah Clearwater was the seventh Quileute (and the first female in history) to join the Uley pack, later becoming "Beta" of the Black pack. Despite being the smallest in size, she was known as the fastest in both packs.
  • Seth-breaking dawn-2011-part 1-2011

    Seth Clearwater

    Seth Clearwater was the eighth Quileute to join the Uley pack, and later disbanded to join the Black pack. He was known to have the best sense of hearing in both packs.


It is questionable whether or not Edward's birth mother, Elizabeth Masen, was gifted. This is supported by her conversation with Carlisle, when she told him to do what everyone else could not do to save her son; in addition, it has been noted that certain gifts are hereditary, similar to Bella and Charlie.

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