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BD Pt 2 KSF 28829.jpg
BD Pt 2 KSF 28829.jpg
BD Pt 2 KSF 28629.jpg
BD Pt 2 KSF 28629.jpg
child renesmee2.PNG|Renesmee kiddo
child renesmee3.PNG|Renesmee as kid
child renesmee4.PNG|kiddo Nessie XD
child renesmee8.PNG
child renesmee11.PNG
child renesmee12.PNG
child renesmee13.PNG|Renesmee leaps into air :O
child renesmee14.PNG
child renesmee15.PNG|renesmee and the snowflakes
child renesmee16.PNG|the snowflake
child renesmee17.PNG
child renesmee18.PNG
child renesmee19.PNG
child renesmee20.PNG
child renesmee21.PNG
grown up Nessie.PNG
grown up Nessie2.PNG
preteen Nessie.PNG|Renesmee at age of 10 (preteen)
preteen Nessie3.PNG
preteen Nessie5.PNG
preteen Nessie6.PNG
preteen Nessie7.PNG
preteen Nessie8.PNG
preteen Nessie9.PNG
preteen Nessie10.PNG
renesmee cullen baby!!!.PNG
renesmee`s locket.PNG

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Image Gallery of Renesmee Cullen, who is played by actress Mackenzie Foy.

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