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Featured here are actual filming locations for scenes in the Twilight Saga films.

Carver Cafe

Carver Cafe

Carver Cafe - Damascus, OR

Main article: The Lodge

The Carver Cafe: 16471 SE Highway 224, Damascus, Oregon

The Carver Cafe was used as the local casual dining restaurant in Forks, and plays the part of The Lodge as mentioned in the books. According to their website: It has pretty much always been a restaurant since opening in the late 50’s. It was built by a husband and wife who lived in the house that is still behind the café. He was injured in a logging accident and as a result of that, the family was forced to find a different income. So, the café was just that and ran by his wife. It’s always been some kind of restaurant but a lot of locals talk about their memories of it as a donut shop.[1]

The View Point Inn

Viewpoint Inn 01

Viewpoint Inn - Near Portland, OR

Edbellabrick 01

Edward & Bella Forever

The View Point Inn - 40301 East Larch Mountain Road, Corbett, Oregon

The View Point Inn is just 22 miles from downtown Portland, Oregon, near Crown Point, nestled high on a one acre bluff, with a panoramic view of the entire Columbia River Gorge, the city lights of Portland, and Vancouver. This is where the prom scenes were filmed for Twilight. According to their website: This 1924 world class boutique hotel and fine dining restaurant serves lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch. The Inn has celebrated Presidents, Hollywood Motion Picture Stars and European Royalty and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Available for banquets, private parties, weddings and special events.[2]

Personalized bricks used in the pathways on The View Point Inn grounds like the "Edward Cullen/Bella Swan Forever" example shown here are available for a $125.00 donation - which helps restore the historical inn. You can also follow this link to find out other ways to help save The Viewpoint Inn.

Silver Falls State Park, Oregon


Silver Falls State Park, Oregon

Silver Falls State Park, located 24 miles east of Salem, Oregon

This is where the deer hunt in the prologue of Twilight is filmed, as well as some shots of Bella with Edward in the treetops.[3]

Vernonia, Oregon (aka: Forks, Washington)

Forks PD Streetview lg

Wauna Federal Credit Union (aka: Forks Police Station)

Vernonia, Oregon[4]

Much of the filming of "Forks, WA" was actually done in Vernonia, OR. The picture shown here is the Google® maps street view of the Wauna Federal Credit Union building in Vernonia, which was used as the Forks Police Station during filming. Clearly visible in this view are two additional distinctive landmarks, aside from the building itself, which are seen in the movie Twilight when Edward and Bella are returning to town from Port Angeles. The telephone pole, and the side street that Edward turns onto before pulling into the police station at Bella's request. The house in "Forks" where Bella lives with her father Charlie is about 20 miles east of Vernonia by the Washington border in Saint Helens, at 184 South 6th Street.

Kalama and Madison High Schools (aka: Forks High School)

Kalama high

Kalama High School


Kalama High School - Kalama, Washington Madison high School - Portland, Oregon

Forks High School was actually a combination of two different schools. Kalama High School in Kalama, WA was used for the exterior shots of the school - such as the pivotal parking lot scene in which Edward first shows his superhuman speed and strength.[4] The cafeteria scenes were shot at Madison High School in Portland, OR, which was also a location used for Gus Van Sant's 2007 independent film "Paranoid Park." [5]

The Oregon City Mill (aka: Grisham Mill)

BlueHeron 01

Blue Heron Paper Co. at The Oregon City Mill

Blue Heron Paper Company at The Oregon City Mill - 419 Main Street, Oregon City, Oregon

Located about 15 miles south of Portland, Oregon on the Willamette River, this was the filming location for the scene in Twilight where James' Coven attack and kill a security guard at Grisham Mill. It is also notable that William Friedkin’s "The Hunted" was filmed here as well.[4]

Indian Beach (aka: First Beach, LaPush, Washington)


Indian Beach, Ecola State Park

Indian Beach, Ecola State Park, Oregon - located off Hwy 101, two miles north of Cannon Beach, Oregon

This is the location used as the surfing spot for the high school kids of Forks. The picture shown is quite recognizable as the location used in Twilight where Jacob tells Bella the Quileute legends involving their wolf origins and the "cold ones," as well as where they discuss Jacob being a werewolf in New Moon. This location was also used in the filming of Steven Spielberg’s "1941" and "The Goonies," as well as the surfing movie "Point Break".[4]

Olde Towne District, Saint Helens, Oregon (aka: Port Angeles, Washington)

Sthelens oregon 01

Saint Helens, Oregon

Saint Helens, Oregon's Olde Towne district

This is where the scenes in "Port Angeles" are filmed.

  • The "Petite Jolie" dress shop, where Angela & Jessica pick out their prom dresses, is actually the Angel Hair Salon at 251 South 1st Street.[4]
  • The "Thunderbird and Whale" book store, where Bella buys her vampire research material, is actually a private office building at 260 South 2nd Street.[4]
  • Behind the bookstore site is the alleyway where Edward swoops in to rescue Bella from her would-be attackers, on 1st Street.[4]
  • The "Bloated Toad" Italian Restaurant, where Edward opens up to Bella, is actually a construction company at 333 South 1st Street.[4]

Additional Locations

  • The Phoenix, Arizona scenes were actually filmed around Santa Clarita in southern California, about 30 miles northwest of Los Angeles.[4]
  • Bella's mom's house is located at 22301 Cataro Drive in Santa Clarita.[6]
  • The hotel in Phoenix where Bella, Jasper, and Alice hide out - is really the Hyatt Valencia at 24500 Town Center Drive, Valencia, California.[4]
  • The Beautiful Cullen home - coffin, dungeon, and moat free - is a private home, the M1 Residence, a cantilevered glass and wood creation by Skylab Architects in Forest Park, Portland.[4]
  • The eco-conscious school trip is to Clackamas Community College, 19600 Molalla Avenue, Oregon City, just south of Portland.[4]


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