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'''Eliza Faria''' is one of the actresses playing [[Renesmee Cullen]] in ''[[Breaking Dawn (films)|Breaking Dawn]]'' (along with [[Mackenzie Foy]] and [[Rachel St. Gelais]]). Her body will be used and her head will be replaced by Foy's with CGI effects.
Faria began acting at the age of two in a Lysol Disinfectant commercial. Hersubsequent TV commercial work includes Cisco The Human Network and Hasbro Scatterpillar. She appeared as a featured background actor in an episode of ''Smallville'' and as a victim of a cougar attack in a television documentary, ''Animal Planet''. Faria began working in student and independent films in 2009 and has since completed nine projects and two music videos. For the past six months she has been working weekly with Clint Mayers of First Call Casting, learning acting, directing and editing. She is an active member of Vancouver All Star competitive cheerleading.
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