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he is always trying to eat her.

he cant stay by her very long.

jasper loves alice, not bella!

he does not. he is loyal to alice and will always love her. plus bella is freaked out by jasper.

he ONLY loves alice bella and jasper are like brother and sister!!!!

He loves ALICE- how could u not when she had a vision of you and is so sweet


Why the hell would Jasper like Bella this ship is the worst they all are paired up and all. Didn't you read the part of Eclipse when Jasper tell Bella her story? and people Jasper and Alice love each other and thats why Alice has a vision of Jasper!

Merlins No Alice and Jasper are married and look at each other like you know first love or love at first sight

Why would you even ask read the books for fugg's sake!

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They like each other but only as adoptive siblings in law

Bella Jasper looks as if he wanted to rape her. Ok maybe I've gone to far but wathever.

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