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Edward is unable to save Bella from Jasper in time

Jasper gets loose from Emmet's grip and goes for Bella

Carlisle is unable to help Bella's arm

Edward cannot maintain enough control around Bella and attacks her, being stopped by Carlisle

The whole Cullen Family immediately loses control

Bella joins the Volturi as revenge for Edward leaving her

Edward doesn't leave and they all live happily together...fighting Victoria

Edward exposes himself in the sun and the people see him clearly

Edward and his family leave and Laurent arrives and kills Bella

Jasper kills Bella and becomes depressed and runs away to join the Volturi

The Cullen family (all) leave the room leaving Bella to bleed as Carlisle gone 2 get medical kit but Jacob (wolf form) kidnaps her and they live happily ever after

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Bella doesn't get depressed after Edward leaves and goes out with Tyler

Jasper Bites Bella, she changes, and it turns into JasperxBella

Smeyer forgets about Edward and Bella for one second and gives the Cullens the spotlight.

Bella actualy listens to Carlisle about her soul being DOOMED if she becomes a vampire and has a second thought

Edward leaves and Bella gets changed by victoria

Edward doesn't leave. BUT Victoria kidnaps Bella and changes her.

Edward dumps Bella and Victoria Hypnotises her to be on the bad side

Bella marrys jake

Laurent successfully kills Bella. He goes to the Cullenss himself to apologize and is hated by Edward as a result.

Victoria changes Bella and Victoria makes Bella hate Edward and they kill him and live happily ever after

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