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Jasper was out of the room when Bella spoke to James

The airport bathroom had two exits

Jacob Imprinted on Renesmee, rather than killing her

Jacob was there when Edward called

Alice came to give Bella something to wear when Bella had the realization that Victoria, the visitor, and Newborns were connected (Eclipse)

Renesmee was so "lovable"

Bella gave birth when Carlisle weren't there. I was thinking that would happen.

Irina happened to spot Renesmee when she was small.

Jacob is so hot and bella loves him but hes a wolf.

Bella just happens to be at the Cullen's house when Riley comes to her bedroom

Edward just happened to be in Bella's room when she first started dreaming of him

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Jacob just happened to be there when Bella was about to drown

Alice just happened to not be able to see the werewolves when Bella was drowning

Laurent just happened to meet Bella at the Cullen's house in New Moon

Carlisle just happened to have talented friends

bella happend to have a girl, who jake just hapened to fall in love with instead of killing

Twilight takes place in a state with alot of rain

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