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Charlie Swan and Sue Clearwater

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Charlie Swan and Sue Clearwater

Charlie Swan and Sue Clearwater entered in a relationship in Breaking Dawn, and are presumably two of the last characters to do so.

In the movies, Charlie Swan is portrayed by Billy Burke and Sue Clearwater by Alex Rice.


Charlie Swan


Charlie Swan

Charlie Swan is the Chief of Police in Forks. He was previously married to Renée Higginbotham, and fathered a daughter named Bella. Sue's husband, Harry, was one of his best friends since his divorce with Renée. At first Charlie remained single after his divorce, claiming he had not found the right girl, but years later, after the death of Harry Clearwater, found more than a friend in Sue Clearwater. Charlie visited Renée and Bella once every summer when Bella reached adolescence. His daughter married Edward Cullen a vampire, at age 18, and gave birth to a hybrid, Renesmee, before becoming a vampire herself.

Sue Clearwater

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Sue Clearwater

Sue Clearwater is a nurse and the mother of Leah and Seth Clearwater. She and her husband, Harry Clearwater, were both of Quileute descent and knew of Seth's eventual fate. However, when Leah also phased, it shocked them completely as she was not expected to. It was so impacting that her husband had a cardiac arrest, and died of it.

Sue learned to remain strong for her family, and quickly overcame her pain. Furthermore, she took over her husband's role as Quileute elder.


Breaking Dawn

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Seth, Billy, Sue and Charlie.

"I'm glad Charlie's found someone to take care of him."

Charlie and Sue become much closer sometime after Bella Swan and Edward Cullen's wedding. By learning about the supernatural world, Charlie begins to adjust to the pros and cons of it, and Sue is constantly by his side for support.

Whenever his newborn granddaughter does something too advanced for her age, he would look to Sue for support. Sue keeps him company and cooks for him.


Charlie, Renesmee and Sue.

On Christmas, she and her family spend it at his house, along with Bella, Edward, Jacob and Renesmee. However, as their relationship improves, Charlie's friendship with Billy Black, his best friend, begins to waver, probably because he is dating a dead friend's wife.

In the movie, their relationship is much more obvious, and Bella and Edward give them travel tickets for Christmas.

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