I think that Stephenie Meyer soould write one more book that takes place a year after Breaking Dawn

Because the last book presents some questions that were never answered.

For example:

*Who were all of the new wereolves that were there in the clearing?
* What did they end up telling Renee about Bella? 

The last thing you know about Renee is that she thinks Bella is still sick, and that they think that maybe she should not know about Bella being a vampire.

* Does Charlie really marrie Sue Clearwater?
* Did Jacob get in trouble with the elders for showing Charlie he was a shape-shifter? 

If not, then why did they make such a big deal about Bella not knowing in New Moon'?

There is just stuff like that all over the book. I think if Meyer was to just make a book that was a list of all of the charecters and what happened to them, even just a month after the end of Breaking Dawn that would be enough.

Just a thought.

Are there any other books Edit

Are there any other books from Edwards veiw/side of the story besides Midnight Sun?

Nope! TagAlongPam (talk) 03:51, September 24, 2009 (UTC)

More Books Edit

Will there be more books i dont really think so after the chaos surrounding midnight sun but tell me what you guys think

Just a thought and I know we've been through the Denali coven, but I'm really interested in Kate and Garrett. Also the other clans and abilities like Benjamin. I think it would make an interesting book and movie to hear about. We all have the Idea that the Volturi will find there way around especially with Aros insite on all of the other covens. More about Kate and Garretts new relationship and the Denalis altogether, I really think would be a cool twist to it. 01:29, September 25, 2014 (UTC) Sammi

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