Casey LaBow, born Samantha Casey LaBow, is an American actress who portrays Kate in both Breaking Dawn movies.


Her father would take her to see Broadway shows like Les Miserables, Miss Saigon and Cats. Aged 16, she moved to Los Angeles with her mother and sister and at 18 was accepted into the American Academy of Dramatic Arts West. She had to attend 5 auditions before she was cast in the part of Kate for Breaking Dawn. She is an actress and producer.


Year Film
2005 The Unknown
Clawed: The Legend of Sasquash
2006 London (2006)
2007 Backyards & Bullets
2008-2009 CSI: NY (2008-2009)
2010 Skateland
Notes on Lying
2011 A Year in Mooring
Breaking Dawn - Part 1
2012 Breaking Dawn - Part 2

Notes and triviaEdit

  • Casey's birthday is August 14. She was born in New York.[1]


  1. Twitter statement

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