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{{Actor infobox
#REDIRECT [[Minor actors#Mooney-Fu, Caitlin]]
|name = Caitlin Mooney-Fu
|image = [[File:Caitlin1.png|250px]]
|born May 10
||born = May 19
|gender = Female
|hair = Brown
|residence = Upper Squamish, BC
|sagarole = [[Kim]]
|hideg = yes}}
'''Caitlin Mooney-Fu''' is the actress who portrays [[Kim]] in ''[[Breaking Dawn (films)|Breaking Dawn - Part 1]]''.
Mooney-Fu grew up in Vancouver, BC and Mancora, Peru. She is currently studying Liberal Arts & Science in Quest University, Canada.
Mooney-Fu likes outdoor sports, especially surfing and snowboarding, and clothing design and singing. She's an athletic-track star, she has done work study with Paris designers, and she is very social conscious. Mooney-Fu has had many good works since her tweens.<ref> Twilight Pack Blogspot</ref>
{{DEFAULTSORT: Mooney-Fu, Caitlin}}
[[Category:Breaking Dawn films]]

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