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[To Bella] ''So beautiful... we're the same temperature now.''
[To Bella] ''So beautiful... we're the same temperature now.''
[About Renesmee] ''She's my daughter.''
[About Renesmee] ''She's my daughter. OMG''
''The Volturi think Renesmee is an immortal child.''
''The Volturi think Renesmee is an immortal child.''

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The following are quotes from the Breaking Dawn - Part 2 film.

Bella Swan

After eighteen years of being utterly ordinary, I finally found that I could shine.

My time as a human was over. But I never felt more alive, I was born to be a vampire. Everything was falling into place even The Volturi seem to except my new status. It seems to be one enemy left, time. Renesmee was growing to fast. We all worried about how long we would have with her. It just made every moment more precious.

(About Renesmee) She was born, not bitten. She grows every single day.

[To Edward] It's strange, physically I feel like I can demolish a tank and mentally I just feel...drained.

[To Edward] I do remember how to undress myself.

[To Edward] Did you see that? Thank you.

[To Edward] I think it's perfect.

[To Edward] Vampire's don't sleep.

[To Edward] I was born to be a vampire.

[To Renesmee] I'll never let anybody hurt you.

[To Jacob] I would keep my distance for now.

[To Edward, Rosalie, Esme, Carlisle and Jacob] Okay, I got it. Move around, blink, slouch.

[To Edward] Renesmee?

[To Edward] Where is she? I have to see her!

[To Edward] I have to get out of here!

[To Jacob] You're still here!

[To Jacob] Since when do you care about Renesmee?

[To Jacob] Well, I can see what everyone's been talking about... Jake, you really do stink!

[To Jacob] Nessie? You nicknamed my daughter after the Loch Ness Monster?!

[To Seth] Seth, I am sorry!

[To Irina] Irina!

[To Renesmee] I think that's our cousin from Denali.

[To Renesmee] It's beautiful. Why'd you go and get another one.

[To Renesmee] Honey, come here.

[To Edward] Take Renesmee out of the room. Edward don't touch me right now, I don't want to hurt you.

[To Jacob] You imprinted on my daughter! She's a baby!

[To Jacob] I've held her once! One time Jacob, and already you think you have some moronic wolfy claim on her!? (Punching Jacob) She's mine!

[To Carlisle and Emmett] Is that Charlie?

[To Carlisle] Can I see that?

[To Charlie] Hi dad. (her dad ask her) never better. Happy as a worst

[To Charlie] I really think it wouldn't be better.

[To Charlie] I can't tell you.

[To Charlie] You do. But if you need one, I can't stay here.

[To Charlie] Dad, you have to trust that for whatever reason, I'm alright. Can you live with that?

[To Charlie] Can you please just believe that I can tell you anything that you need to know.

[To Charlie] No. no, really you don't

[To Charlie] And then you won't. I promise.

[To Charlie] I miss you dad.

Jacob Black

[To Bella] I didn't expect you to seem so... you.

[To Bella] But Dracula one and two are... creepy.

[To Bella] (About the vampires) A lot of red eyes around here.

[To Bella] Except for the creepy eyes.

[To Bella] I think it is safer for the baby to see how you do with me first.

[To Bella] Alright, take a whiff.

[To Bella] It's a wolf thing...

[To Edward and Bella] You guys... really look great together.

[To Edward] Renesmee catches snowflakes.

[To Edward] The packs will fight. We've never been afraid of vampires.

[To Bella] Alright, (taking Renesmee from Bella) well that's enough experimenting for one day.

[To Edward] So should I start calling you dad?

[To Bella] (About Renesmee) Blondie stole her.

[To Bella] for a cartoon character.

[To everyone] So you can't explain that to the Volturi?

[To everyone] Let's take some road.

[To Edward] So we fight.

[To the new members of the pack] Now, you guys can do some serious damage. Which is why you'll need to control your phasing. If your mom pisses you off, you don't wanna tear her head off.

Edward Cullen

[To Bella] So beautiful... we're the same temperature now.

[About Renesmee] She's my daughter. OMG

The Volturi think Renesmee is an immortal child.

[To Bella] How about a bath?

[To Bella] I've had a bad habit of underestimating you, every obstacle you've faced, I'd think you couldn't overcome it. But you just did, you're the only reason I have something to fight for. My family.

[To Bella] I'm going to get the water running.

[To Bella] What Irina sees in the woods?

[To the Denali Coven] My family's in danger/ I need your help.

[To Bella] Just don't forget to move your shoulders so it looks like your breathing.

[To Bella] Bella, you're stronger than I am right now. It's your turn not to break me.

[To Bella] She's incredible...

[To Bella] Wait, you need to get your thirst under control. You need to hunt.

[To Bella] Close your eyes. What do you hear?

[To Bella] Bella, don't!

[To Bella] Bella, stop! I'm sorry I didn't realize there'd be people this far from the trails.

[To Bella] Okay, I can help you... or not.

[To Bella] I'm amazed you ran away from human blood mid-hunt. Even mature vampires have problems with that.

[To Bella] Want to come meet our daughter?

[To Emmett] Emmett, don't antagonize her, she's the strongest one in the house.

[To Emmett] Don't hurt yourself, Emmett.

[To Bella] He's been calling twice a day.

[To Charlie] Our daughter.

[To Everyone] Aro has enough proof in Irina's thought.

[To Jacob] I'm glad she likes you

[To Bella] Stop fidgeting, Bella. Please try to remember that you’re not confessing to a murder here

Renesmee Cullen

[To Bella] Who's that?

[To Bella] Look a snowflake.

[To Aro] Hello, Aro.

[To Bella] Mom, is it true? did aunt Alice and uncle Jasper runaway because we're gonna die?

Alice Cullen

[To Everyone] The Volturi, they're coming for us.

[To Everyone] Aro, Caius, Marcus, The Guard and Irina

[To her family] Alec is even worse

[To Bella] They'll irritate your eyes at first.

[To Bella] And blink at least three times a minute... Good!

[To Aro] You will not change your mind, even after you see the truth!

[To Aro] I have evidence that the child won't be risk to our kind, let me show you.

[To Bella and Edward] Have fun!

[To Bella] You'll love this one

[To Bella and Edward] Go inside!

[To Volturi] I've been searching for witnesses of my own, among the Ticuna tribes of Brasil

[To Cullens] Now!

[To Aro, after he saw the vision] Now you know, that's your future, unless you decide on another coursee

[To Bella and Edward] Welcome home! We thought you guys might like a place of your own.

[To Bella] Happy Birthday!

[To her family] Gather as many witnesses as you can before the snow sticks to the ground. That's when they'll come.

[To Aro] It doesn't matter what i've showed you, even when you see it, you still won't change your desicion. 

Carlisle Cullen

[To Bella] Main thing is not to move too fast.

[To Caius] Let her go!

[To Bella] Surprise!

Esme Cullen

[To Bella] Try taking a seat and crossing your legs.

[To Edward] Stop her, Edward!

Rosalie Hale

[To Bella] And don't sit so straight; humans don't do that.

[To Jacob] Oh, do tell her, Jacob.

[To Bella] My turn. (getting Renesmee from Bella)

Jasper Hale

[To Bella] Well done, Bella. I have never seen a newborn show that much restraint.

[To Bella and Emmett] Ugh. Count on three. One, two, three.

It’s just been my experience that some kinds of working relationships are better motivated by fear than by monetary gain.

Emmett Cullen

[To Bella] I'm not even sure if she is really a newborn. She seems so... tame.

[To Bella] Did you break anything?

This should be good.

[To Bella] Ugh, please!

[To Edward] They're coming to kill us, Not to talk.

[To Bella and Edward] Wow, done already?


[To Aro] I have to report a crime. The Cullens, they've done something terrible.

[To the Volturi] The Cullens are innocent. I take full responsibility for my mistake.

[To Cullens] I'm sorry.' (she whispered it)


[To Irina] Oh, my.

(About the laws) Maintaining our secret has never been more imperative.

[To the Cullens] We will not fight today!

[To the guard, who holds Alice] Take her away!

[To Bella] Young Bella... immortality becomes you.

[To Renesmee] Magnifico.

[To everyone] Only the known is safe.

[To Caius] Half mortal and half immortal.

[To Caius] Do you think they fooled me, brother?

[To Bella] Such a prize!

[To Toshiro] My dear Toshiro.

[To Alec] Alec!


[To the Cullens] We'll join you.

[To the Cullens] I never get to meet any of Amun's friends. He likes to keep me hidden.

[To Amun] I will do the right thing Amun.


[To the Cullens] We will stand with you.


[To Carlisle] I can't help you, Carlisle.


[To Bella] You have a very powerful gift.


[About Renesmee's warmth] …I can feel it…


[To Denali Coven] (About Renesmee) She's not immortal.

[To Edward] This is a crime.

[To Zafrina] Give me my sight back.


[To Kate] If we survive this, I'll follow you anywhere woman.

[To Kate] You are an amazing woman.

The red coats are coming. The red coats are coming.

[To the Cullens] This won’t be the first time I’ve fought to keep myself from a king’s rule. Here’s to freedom from oppression.

I have witnessed the bonds within this family – I say family and not coven. These strange golden-eyed ones deny their very natures. But in return have they found something worth even more, perhaps, than mere gratification of desire?

[To the Cullens]I came to witness. I stay to fight.


[To the Denalis] The Volturi will come for all of us!

[To Garrett] Now you tell me?


No one does rebellion like the Irish.


[To The Cullens] So will we.


[To the Cullens' witnesses] You are all fools. The Volturi will never forgive what happened here.

We have been waiting a millenium, for the Italian scum to be challenged.


We have them on the run. Now is the time to attack!

(To Carlisle) We do not care what you did, Carlisle.

We have waited fifteen hundred years to return the favor.


[To Edward] Pain.


Bella and Edward in their new cottage

[Alice uncovers Bella's eyes]

Alice: Welcome home! We thought you guys might like a place of your own.

Edward [to Bella]: What do you think?

Bella: I think it's perfect.

Alice: Go inside.

[Alice chuckles]

Alice [to Bella and Edward]: Have fun!

[Bella and Edward enter the cottage and walk to their room]

Edward: This is our room.

Bella: Vampires don't sleep.

Edward: It's not intended for sleeping.

"Who's with me?"

Edward [to everyone]: Their goal isn't punishment. It's power. It's acquisition. Carlisle might not ask you to fight, but I will, for the sake of my family, but also for yours. And for the way that you want to live.

Jacob: The packs will fight. We've never been afraid of vampires.

[Bella gets up and frowns]

Tanya: We will fight.

Garrett: This won't be the first time I fought a king's rule.

Benjamin: We'll join you.

Senna: We will stand with you.

Siobhan: So will we.

Vladimir [to Stefan]: That didn't take much.

Edward: Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

Alistair [to Carlisle]: We'll see.

Bella receives lessons on being human

[Alice places brown contacts onto Bella's eyes]

Alice [to Bella]: These will irritate your eyes at first.

Carlisle [to Bella]: The main thing is not to move too fast.

Esme [to Bella]: Try taking a seat and crossing your legs.

[Bella stands up and dashes to the other end of the room, causing the chair to bump into the wall. She crosses her legs calmly]

Esme: Maybe a tad slower.

Alice: And blink at least three times a minute.

[Bella blinks quickly]

Alice: Good.

Jacob: For a cartoon character.

Carlisle [to Bella]: Hold your breath. It will help with the thirst.

Edward [to Bella]: Just don't forget to move your shoulders so it looks like you're breathing.

[Esme, Carlisle, and Alice demonstrate breathing; Bella holds her breath]

Rosalie [to Bella]: And don't sit so straight. Humans don't do that.

[Bella slouches and then stands up]

Bella [to everyone]: Okay. I got it. Move around, blink, slouch.

Bella wakes up from her transformation

[Bella's eyes turn red and she looks around; she can see everything from dust particles to single drops of water to fibers in books; she sees Edward; he extends his hand out to her; Bella looks at her own hand; Edward and Bella embrace]

Edward: You're so beautiful... We're the same temperature now.

[Bella and Edward look at their reflections in a mirror; Bella turns around and roughly pulls Edward into a hug]

Edward: Hey, Bella? You're a lot stronger than I am right now.

[Bella lets Edward go]

Edward: It's your turn not to break me.

[Bella grabs Edward tightly]

Bella: I love you.

Edward: I love you.

[They kiss]

Bella: ...Renesmee.

Edward: She's incredible.

Bella: Where is she? I have to see her.

Edward: You need to get your thirst under control. You need to hunt.

Bella and Edward return from their hunt

Edward [to Bella]: Well, I'm amazed. You ran away from human blood mid-hunt. Even mature vampires have problems with that.

[Edward and Bella approach the Cullen house; Jacob exits the house and meets them outside]

Bella [to Jacob]: You're still here.

JacobSo are you. I didn't expect you to seem so... you. Except for the creepy eyes.

[Jacob continues to approach Bella and Edward]

Bella [to Jacob]: I would keep my distance for now.

JacobIt's safer for the baby to see how you do with me first.

BellaSince when do you care about Renesmee?

[Jacob and Edward glance at each other]

Jacob [to Bella]: Alright. Take a whiff.

[Bella gets closer to Jacob and inhales]

Bella: Well, I can see what everyone's been talking about. Jake, you really do stink!

[Jacob and Edward laugh; Edward puts his hand at Bella's waist]

Jacob: You guys really look great together.

Edward [to Bella]: Wanna come meet our daughter?

[Jacob runs into the house]

Bella discovers Jacob imprinted on Renesmee

[Bella and Edward enter the Cullen house; everybody is gathered around Renesmee]

Esme [to Bella]: Welcome to the family.

Alice: You look amazing, Bella.

Carlisle: Someone's been waiting to meet you.

Edward: Rose.

[Rosalie turns around and Bella sees Renesmee for the first time; Bella holds Renesmee and is shown Renesmee's first memories of her; Renesmee pulls her hand away]

BellaWhat was that?

Edward [to Bella]: She showed you the first memory she has of you.

Bella: Showed me how?

Edward: How do I read thoughts? How does Alice see the future? She's gifted.

Bella: I've only been out for two days.

Carlisle: Her growth rate is unprecedented.

Jacob: Alright. That's enough experimenting for one day.

[Jacob reaches for Renesmee]

Edward: Jacob, she's doing great.

Jacob: Yeah. Let's not push it, though.

Bella [to Jacob]: What's your problem?

Rosalie: Do tell her, Jacob.

Emmett: This should be good.

Edward: Hold on a second... Bella.

[Bella hands Renesmee to Edward]

Jacob [to Bella]: Look. It's a wolf thing.

Bella: What's a wolf thing?

[Rosalie backs away]

Jacob [to Bella]: Um... You know we have no control over it. We can't choose who it happens with, and it doesn't mean what you think, Bella. I promise.

Bella [to Edward]: Take Renesmee out of the room.

Jacob: Oh.

Bella: Edward, don't touch me right now. I don't wanna hurt you.

Jacob: Oh.

[Bella grabs Jacob and drags him out of the house; she throws him down into the grass]

Bella: You imprinted on my daughter?

Jacob: It wasn't my choice.

Bella: She's a baby!

Jacob: It's not like that! You think Edward would let me live if it was?

Edward: I'm still debating.

Bella: I've held her once. One time, Jacob! And already you think that you have moronic, wolfy claim on her? She's mine!

[Bella hits Jacob to the ground; Edward looks delighted; Leah and Seth appear in wolf form]

Jacob: It's fine, Leah.

Bella [to Jacob]: You're gonna stay away from her.

Jacob: You know I can't do that.

[Bella punches Jacob to the ground again; Leah and Seth growl]

Esme: Stop her, Edward.

Edward: He said it's fine! She's amazing, right?

Jacob [to Bella]: Do you remember how much you wanted me to be around you three days ago? That's gone now, right?

Bella: Long gone.

Jacob: Because it was her. From the beginning it was Nessie who wanted me there.

Bella: "Nessie"? You nicknamed my daughter after the Loch Ness Monster!?

[Seth leaps at Bella; Bella flings him into a tree; he gets hurt]

Jacob: Seth, are you okay?

[Seth whimpers]

Bella: Seth, I'm sorry.

[Seth gets up]

Jacob [to Seth]: You'll be alright.

[Jacob turns to Bella]

Jacob: Bella, you know me better than anyone. All I want is for Ness -- Renesmee to be safe. Happy. Look. Nothing ever made sense before. You, me, any of it. And now I understand why. This was the reason.

Jacob phases in front of Charlie

[Jacob drives his motorcycle to Charlie's house; Charlie is in his backyard, chopping wood; Jacob approaches him]

Charlie: Hey. You heard anything?

Jacob: Charlie, Bella's... uh... 

Charlie: No, she's not.

Jacob: No, no, no. I mean, she's -- she's fine. She's back home and she's feeling better.

Charlie: Why didn't you say so? That's great.

[Charlie starts to walk away from Jacob]

Jacob: Wait. There's something you need to see first.

Charlie: I need to see Bella.

Jacob: Look. In order for Bella to get better, she had to... change.

Charlie: What do you mean "change"?

Jacob: Here goes nothing.

[Jacob takes off his jacket]

Charlie: What the hell are you doing?

[Jacob starts taking off his shirt]

Jacob: You don't live in the same world you think you are, Charlie.

Charlie: Jacob, put your clothes on.

[Jacob takes off his shoes]

Jacob: Now, this may seem strange - really strange - but... stranger things happen everyday.

[Jacob unbuttons and tugs down his pants]

Jacob: Trust me.

[Jacob's pants and underwear drop to his ankles; Jacob phases into a wolf; Charlie jumps back; Jacob approaches Charlie]

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