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  • Acr170506

    My Favourite Twilight Movie

    February 14, 2017 by Acr170506

    Hi :) I'm going to tell you my favourite TWILIGHT movie!!!!! :D



    Anyone else?

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  • Bella's twin

    Don't know who's team

    January 25, 2017 by Bella's twin

    Honestly i like team Jacob and team Edward, she looks good with anyone tbh, i just dont know who team im on, yes edward is a really hot vampire and can like never die(only from a werewolf and another vampire), hes really strong and sweet and nice and cant toach Bella as a human and warm her up, but Jacob is a werewolf and can keep Bella warm and safe(can only die from vampire), he sweet and caring and in his words "i will do anything, BE anything for you", he cares so much for Bella. I just dont know, im going to be on both teams(but Taylor is hotter than Robert,sorry), and the stupid thing is that the only reason we have teams is because people only want to see the beauty on the outside, not on the inside. Just saying. :) 

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  • TeamBreeTanner99

    This is my first blog so I hope you like it.

    Twilight is a big part of my life, I started reading the book in 2008, when I was nine years old, I've read all four of the main Twilight books, I could read them in a week if I tried.

    I'm gonna talk about my favourite characters, starting with Carlisle Cullen, I admire his compassion for humans, it must take immense self-control to resist human blood for 300 years, even with the Volturi.

    Now one of my favourite characters, was a newborn, she was smart and did well for survival, even without having human blood for three months, you know her as Bree Tanner, she refused to fight with the newborn army in Eclipse and she surrendered to Carlisle and Esme but she was executed by Felix Volturi despite her…

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  • ASMR Is A Lie

    Highway 90

    November 21, 2016 by ASMR Is A Lie


    Highway 90 Is A Fictional Major Highway That Runs From North America Through Mexico And Down Through South America And The Amazon This Highway Is The Setting For My Version of Twilight  


    That Highway Is Notorious For Car Accidents Everytime Police Arrive On Scene They Typically Find Drivers Completely Drained of Their Blood It Is Unknown What The Cause of This Might Be The Locals Suspect That It's Some Lab Experiment Gone Wrong Anyway The Highway Was Commissioned By The SATO/NATO Governments To Function As An International Freeway The Project Was Abandon When Construction Workers Started Going Missing The SATO/NATO Forced The Completion of The Freeway At The Cost of Many Contractors Now This Same Highway Continues To …

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  • Geordel and ArianaGrandeLover

    What if after Breaking Dawn Bella and Edward were to realize that they are not mates? But instead Alec and Jane were their mates? Wouldn't that be cool? Tell me your opinion?

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  • Carorino20000

    twilight is great

    October 30, 2016 by Carorino20000

    Why twilight is the best because it's so good movies and books. And the characters are super cool and fantasctisch in their roles. Especially when change Bella into a vampire. That's one of my favorite scene in the movie. I'm an incredible fan of Twilight, and will never change.


    LOVE IT'

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  • Kelis98

    Editing Pages

    July 25, 2016 by Kelis98

    Is there a reason that some pages you can edit, but others (such as the shapshifters and children of the moon pages) you can't edit and only say source? (Kelis98 (talk) 01:38, July 25, 2016 (UTC))

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  • Twighlightholliex


    July 22, 2016 by Twighlightholliex

    Twilight is simply the best seriously im team Edward for life!

    1. TeamEdward
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  • Pionera

    Hey! I was recently re-listening to the first audiobook of the Twilight Saga: Twilight, and my mind suddenly picked out the words "the faint pattern of bluish veins inside the crease at his elbow". I am not sure at which page this is in the book, however, this is the first time in the book series that Edward brings Bella to the meadow.

    Now, I was under the impression, and do correct me if I'm wrong, that veins right under the skin appear blue due to the way light interacts with blood and skin. Doesn't that mean that Edward, a vampire, would have to have blood - not in his digestive system or whatever, but in his veins?

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  • Breexox11

    TW Wiki

    June 12, 2016 by Breexox11

    Hello everyone l'm big fan of the twilight saga the wiki looks awesome

    recently I created  Teen wolf wiki and if any of the users here are fans of the show please check it out

    This wiki is for the famdom it includes trivia sections, relationship page and behind the scenes photos anyone is welcome  

    Thanks :) Bree 14:19, June 12, 2016 (UTC)

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