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  • Ashlee 1


    February 5, 2016 by Ashlee 1

    hey l am a new girl

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  • Animallover26683

    I'm writing this for my love of Seth Clearwater even though I love vampires and I think they're cool. This is going to be a short chapter but it's going to really start up the story


    I sprinted through the trees with the rest of my pack as we hunted for the infamous vampire by the name of Victoria. The wind between my fur felt nice, though it was hard to focus on as we tracked the filthy bloodsucker.

    Sorry if I didn't spell filthy wrong, spelling is not one of my strengths and their is no auto correct for blogs. 

    Her horrible scent filled my nostrils just before her caught sight of her fiery red hair. The smell burned my nose hairs and made my eyes water. Imagine being smothered by someone who was wearing too much perfume, n…

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  • Big Brother 99

    Here is my point of view for these vampires who are immune to Human blood.

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  • Big Brother 99

    Here are my castings for Beau Swan and Edythe Cullen.

    What do you think?

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  • TeamSeth


    December 26, 2015 by TeamSeth

    it's me

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  • Foreverlife8

    So I always assumed vampires couldn't have facial piercing as that could lead to a crack, spreading across their face. But in Breaking Dawn part 1, this is where I first noticed it, Alice is wearing earring, just a technicality of the film.

    Any other views on it, it's a really random question I know.

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  • Cmorleans

    Hi Guys!

    My name is Cathy and I hope you all can help me! I have to do a school project about people that are part of the Twilight fandom and I would love read your answers so I could write my final project!

    So my questions are about the fandom: What are the shared values and ideals? What kind of events or gatherings are held?

    Thank you!!

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  • Big Brother 99

    Twilight Is Awesome

    November 1, 2015 by Big Brother 99

    I am currently admin on a facebook page called Twilight Is Awesome, and we only have three admins on the page, we are looking for admins and we are desperate for help.

    Please we need more likes, come on lets make our page 10k likes and also we are looking for admins in any country that would like to be admin on here. But for those wanting to be admin please fill out this form below:

    Are you admin on other pages?:(100 words)
    If so, please state pages:(100 words)
    How would you stop harassment on here:(100 words)
    What things would you bring to the page:(100 words)
    When do you think you'd be able to start:(100 words)
    Who are your three references:(100 words)
    Are you will to block anyone if necessary:(100 words)
    What character would…

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  • FictionReaderAddict

    -The Daily Beast

    Stephenie Meyer’s ‘Twilight: Life and Death’ Doesn’t Break Gender Stereotypes—It Reinforces Them

    New male protagonist Beau isn’t insecure or self-critical and he doesn’t think himself inferior to his superhuman lover, like Bella did. So much for challenging gender norms.

    Over the last decade, Twilight has become famous for its loyal and ever-enthusiastic following, but fans of Edward and Bella got more than they ever asked for on Tuesday, as Twilight’s tenth anniversary brought a new, gender-swapped version of the vampire love story.

    “You know, Bella has always gotten a lot of censure for getting rescued on multiple occasions, and people have always complained about her being a typical damsel in distress,” said Twilight author…

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  • FictionReaderAddict

    This is just a tongue in cheek joke about how Twilight can be reimagined if Bella acted somewhat more normal. It's only for a laugh. But I saw it online and thought it hilarious, and thought I'd share it on my blog!

    If Bella Was Sane

    By: The One Called Detetra



    Moved to Forks. Have no clue why, as I hate it here. I suppose I did it for my mom, of my own choice, so I guess I have no right to complain. Dad got me a car, though, which is beyond awesome.


    Went to school. It's alright. There are some inhumanely beautiful people around here who look exactly like each other, are all dating each other, and apparently are not related.

    The excuses people make up for incest.


    One of the incestuous beautiful creeps sat ne…

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  • Asnow89


    It's not over yet... Stephenie Meyer has published a new novel in the Twilight universe, but with a twist. There is a gender swap!

    Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined now features Bella Swan's character as a male named Beau, while Edward Cullen is a female named Edythe. Jacob Black's character is also in the novel as a female named Julie.

    The book was released TODAY in honor of the 10th anniversary of the Twilight Saga. Meyer emphasizes that this book was prompted by her desire to prove that Bella isn’t a “damsel in distress,” but a “human in distress.”

    Read more about the book here...

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  • Mrs Bella Cullen 920

    Wattpad Blog

    September 13, 2015 by Mrs Bella Cullen 920

    Hey Guys!

    I have started my FIRST story on wattpad and I am really excited about it! I am hoping you have the time to check it out, though there are VERY slow updates (sorry). I hope you have a chance to read it! Follow  THIS LINK to read!

    Thanks, Mrs_Bella_Cullen_920

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  • Roseliehale2.0


    September 3, 2015 by Roseliehale2.0
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  • Jgali8

    Midnight sky

    August 30, 2015 by Jgali8

    This was the time of the day when I wished I were able to sleep. Night being the day were unusual. If there were any way to make my thoughts different, it would still be the same the next day. The sleepless night was not something I grew used to, day by day it seemed more difficult to sleep than the last. It all happened in the course of one night, in the dead silence I was walking through the eerie forest until a very fast creature passed by as fast as any fast creature I thought. I paused, at first I thought they were just frightening bats flapping their wings, but at a single blink of my tired eyes a creature flew up the dark sky passing the pallid light of the moon. At that point I knew that the creature had a body shaped like a human,…

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  • Jgali8

    Twilight 10th anniversary

    August 30, 2015 by Jgali8

    Ok so the twilight saga's first novel twilight will celebrate it's 10th anniversary of publication right?? so is anything significant gonna happen in the wiki😊😊😊

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  • Teamedward15


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  • Kukikreem

    New Moon needs a tweak

    August 4, 2015 by Kukikreem

    So, in New Moon, the day that Edward finds out about Bella jumping off the cliff is the same day that Bella and Alice realize what he's going to do and leave for Italy.  Shouldn't Edward, Bella and Alice arrive in Italy at around the same time?  He has to catch a flight just like they do, sit thru all the airport crap, just like they do... How does he get to Volterra so much ahead of them?  It's been bugging me for a while and if someone, anyone can make that part make sense, I would appreciate it.

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  • Shan710

    Really wish that stephanie meyer could make 3 more twlights with the same characters

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  • Roseliehale2.0

    Roselie Hale

    June 21, 2015 by Roseliehale2.0
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  • Hala85

    Five Years Later

    I was sitting on the bed, in our cottage, Edward’s and mine, thinking of this everlasting day that was never going to end. It was true I didn’t feel the physical need to sleep, but I still wished I could. There are some mental needs too. I wondered how did all my family cope with this idea. Then thought that maybe they never really coped, but the fact that they didn’t have a choice into being what we all are, made it more acceptable to them.

    I remember my last months as a human with some sweet longing; my moments with Charlie, My last apologetic words to my best friend Jacob, and my overwhelming love to my lover and current husband Edward. I remembered my weakness with a bittersweet feeling… As I thought this to myself, I ha…

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  • Flamepeltcat123

    Wiki Fan Post

    May 11, 2015 by Flamepeltcat123

    I wonder why Stephanie Meyer does not finish edward version of the saga...............

    does anyone want to read edward version?

    would it be a good story you know about jane 

    i really like jane but hate aro............

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  • LiterallyEmma


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  • ZeniaKoulidi

    Check Twilight tvd style by clicking this link:

    This is the preview of the story:

    "I'll try to recreate twilight with Caroline as Bella, Stefan as Edward and generally replace twilight characters with the vampire diaries ones. Some parts of it is written by Stephanie Meyer (One of my favorite writers!) I really hope you like it!" 

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  • Firey Lily

    Firey Lily

    April 28, 2015 by Firey Lily

    The Twilight Saga Twilight Saga is a book of series written by Stepehenie Meyer. The theme of the book is, a girl named Isabella Swan who is a human falls in love with a vampire named Edward Cullen. There relationship was not as easy as she thought. She faces many threats. But At last she transforms to a vampire and there is a happily ever after with their daughter Renesmee Cullen and the rest of their family. Later films based on theses book were also released.

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  • Team Edward Girl
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  • Ak3454

    Loving Children

    March 17, 2015 by Ak3454
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  • TwilightReaderFan

    I saw the movie, Fifty Shades of Grey, last night. It wasn't very good, but that doesn't surprise me since I didn't care that much for the book series. The book was a TWILIGHT fan fiction that became so popular that it took on a life of it's own. The author then removed the fan fiction, then changed all the names. However, the story still takes place near Seattle... and many of the characters are based on Twilight counterparts. Christian Grey = Edward Cullen. Anastasia Steele = Bella Swan. Kate = Alice/Rose. Elliot = Emmett. Jose = Jacob. This list goes on and on.

    Anyway, Christian, who is this rich guy, is into kinky, S&M, bondage like sex. He's got a playroom (torture chamber) and everything. For some unknown reason, Christian becomes att…

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  • Asnow89
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  • ZeniaKoulidi

    Voting is almost over!

    December 31, 2014 by ZeniaKoulidi

    Hello to all you Twihards out there. Today is the last day of voting in So, go and vote for your favorite outlines.Please vote for my outline down in flames. Fan art by @Emilytheowl. My twiter name @summerlol77. Follow us both please

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  • George Franco

    George Franco

    December 29, 2014 by George Franco

    George franco

    George Franco Historia

    George Franco compositor y cantante, nacido en San Cristobal (Dom.Rep). Nacio y se crio en la Musica, ya que su padre era pianista, arreglista y director de orquesta. Hijo de una Familia humilde y siendo el Hijo mayor, desde muy niño sintio atracion por el canto. Algo con que su Padre no veia con buenos ojos. Ya que el no estaba deacuerdo, con que sus hijos sean musicos. 

    7 de Septiembre del año 2007, llega a Suiza george franco con su hermana (maria Lucely Franco) a vivir con su Padre quien ya recide en este pais desde el 2001. Es y cuando con la ayuda del padre adquire conocimientos sobre musica. 2008 Es cuando su Padre le pone en su cabeza, que lo mejor para ellos, era que el Joven aprendiera a tocar b…

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  • Bellalautner


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  • Sleepyeyed-dante

    freAKING OUT

    December 21, 2014 by Sleepyeyed-dante

    so how is it thAT NOBODY'S FREAKING OUT ABOUT THE BREAKING DAWN PART 3 RENESMEE AND JACOB ANNOUNCEMENT??? (go here if you haven't seen it, there's probably like three other ones but i found it on this one)

    i mean yeah sure there's the possibility of it being fake bUT COME ON LET'S HAVE SOME ENTHUSIASM THIS TIME.


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  • ZeniaKoulidi

    Please Vote my outline!

    December 20, 2014 by ZeniaKoulidi

    Please go to tongal to the twilight project and vote 5 stars for my outline called down in flames. Please please please!

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  • ZeniaKoulidi

    Wouldn't it be an amazing to have a twilight video game? This way we could continue living the twilight story. We could play as Bella or Edward or Jacob or both. We could make choices and affect the story or we could just stic to the plot. I mean it would be great! Why haven't the made one already?! Is there a way to contact them to tell them our ideas and requests? Even though they may not be able to make a video game, Stephanie could make a site like Pottermore (Google it) where twilight fans could still be experiencing that amazing love story... Please support this idea if you want it to happen... If a lot of fans request this, we may get it!

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  • Symph risley

    I was reading my biology book and suddenly a hilariuos idea peaked into my mind... Why not thinking of some Twilight diseases??? So, here they are!

    • Excessive facination towards Bella.
    • Too much sympathy for her.
    • Observing her attitudes all day.

    • Wanting to mimic Bella's personality.
    • Trying to be over nervous.

    • Watching fashion shows.
    • Digesting people's taunts.
    • Doing a lots of shopping.

    • Having too much weakness towards Edward.
    • Being totally mesmerized by him.

    • Dreaming about Edward all the nights.
    • Wanting to be with him every single moment.
    • Blabbing about him everywhere.

    There is none!

    Same as Edwardoholism. But this is caused by Jakob instead of Edward.

    • Showing too much attachment towards dogs.
    • Thinking about him all the while.

    Killing some dogs.

    • Witnessing the …

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  • AlphaMuslim

    Hybrid creature

    November 22, 2014 by AlphaMuslim

    How powerful do you think that if a vampire and werewolf bit a human and transformed it into an enhanced vampire, hybrid, vaewolf with a special ability to control the elements, shield, read minds or whatever? How strong do you think details please?

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  • Wikiasong

    Five to Six new Twilight short films will be created. Supporters of the new film projects include Kristen Stewart, Stephenie Meyer, Lionsgate films, Facebook and Volvo.Voting is now open for choosing the next starring characters for the official new Twilight films. Voting is open to the public. Voting ends November 19, 2014. You may vote once per day.

    You can vote on Alice Cullen, Carlisle Cullen, Esme Cullen, Emmett Cullen (Cullen vampires), Aro, Marcus, Jane, Alec (Volturi), Kate/Katrina, Garrett (Denali Vampires),Benjamin (Egyptian Vampires), Huilen (Amazon vampires), Laurent, James, Victoria (James' clan), Alistair (Nomad Vampire), Stefan or Vladimir  (Romanian Vampires), Siobhan (Irish Vampire)

    See link below. Voting requires signing up…

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  • Sleepyeyed-dante

    somewhat upset

    November 11, 2014 by Sleepyeyed-dante

    well, i'm somewhat upset about the whole 'The Storytellers: New Voice of the Twilight Saga'. don't get me wrong i'm super glad its happening, i'm just really upset that only females are eligible to enter. i totally understand why its like that, its just upsetting that males can't participate. i'm also really upset that the shape-shifters aren't a part of the character poll. //sighs// oh well, i'm confident that fellow Twi-hards will do an amazing job regardless.

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  • 1spela1


    November 11, 2014 by 1spela1

    I am new here and I would ask you guys something. What is with this short Twilight films and who will be playing in them?

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  • TwilightReaderFan

    I would have never believed this... but on the Twilight Lexicon it said that new Twilight films are being planned. They are supposed be several movie shorts - that's what it said. It didn't really give out much details... however, the Lexicon posted a short interview with Kellan Lutz. He was kidding around hoping he'd retain his role as Emmett. But he said that he most likely would not. So, I have no idea what these new films will be based upon... I don't even know that Meyer was a key writer. There's no new books out - so I don't know if these movie shorts will contain the Cullen's - or if any of the actor will retained.

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  • Sleepyeyed-dante

    if its not too much trouble, i'd like some constructive criticism on my character for Twilight. i really want to make sure he's absolutely perfect before i start writing anything... just go on my page/blog and click character, you'll see everything i have so far there. please help!!! ;o; 

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  • Bellalautner

    I don't know who did leah imprint on I hope you can tell me

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  • DaKitty


    November 3, 2014 by DaKitty

    So excited to be a part of this wiki. :D My favorite female character is Alice.

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  • Sleepyeyed-dante

    so i recently joined and uuh... yeah. i'll probably be spending loads of time on here and whatnot and yeah. hope we can all get along!

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  • Big Brother 99
    Please Stop with the lies about me being Cullen and Vamps, please stop. I am not, you know what, this is annoying me. Why can't you just accept that, that I am not. It is getting beyond the joke, you know what, I am just going to say that I am deeply appalled to say that Wikia is not a safe place anymore to talk to people and what not. I am believing that I am getting harassed and verbally abused on here and I have not done anything wrong on wikia. Some of the admins on every single wiki are not fit with being an admin. They are just here to make people feel like they don't have any say on here.
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  • PrettyGirlsLie

    I'm new..

    October 26, 2014 by PrettyGirlsLie

    Hi! I finally joined this wiki! I like it so far! I'll be on here a lot so watch out for me :D

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  • AlphaMuslim


    October 23, 2014 by AlphaMuslim

    Ok you know how the children of the moon infect people with their bites and the same goes with vampires. I wonder if a human was bit by a child of the moon and a vampire. They would technically be a hybrid or an immortal werewolf. Imagine how strong this creature would be. They would be able to massacre several covens. They would be tough to control and kill. They would possible have the ability to shift into a wolf on the full moon and have full control. I dont know if they can produce more of themselves but maybe if they infected vampires with the bite. They could walk in the sunlight freely. Their strength would be unmatched. not even felix or emmett or jacob would have the strength to best the creature. They would be able to outrun eve…

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  • Vampire134

    Twilight Question

    October 22, 2014 by Vampire134

    Hey guys, this is Vampire134. This is my first blog. And ive just recently joined so i dont know much about this. Thnks!

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  • Big Brother 99


    October 22, 2014 by Big Brother 99
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  • Alison0504

    Jane- A Twilight Story

    October 16, 2014 by Alison0504

    I decided to make a novel about Jane (Because she is one of my favorite characters). I made it because I got bored. If anyone wants to read a part of it, please just say so on my blog and I will post it. 

                                                                              Thank You! :)

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