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Breaking Dawn

"Now you know, that nobody has loved anybody as much as i love you" ~bella " "except me" ~edward

"I'll have to buy Esme a new bed frame"

"The pillows all seem to have survived, unfortunately can't say the same for your, umm, night gown"
"that's too bad, I liked that one,"
"I did too."

in the film, at the wedding. Charlie: edward will be a good husband. i know this because i'm a cop... and cops know things... and i know how to use a gun... :D

"After a few minutes he asked real quietly if you turned into an animal too and i said "she wishes she was that awesome!"

"Stop fidgeting, Bella. Please try to remember that you’re not confessing a murder here"

"Charlie, I realize that I’ve gone about this out of order. Traditionally, I should have asked you first. I mean no disrespect, but since Bella has already said yes and I don’t want to diminish her choice in the matter, instead of asking you for her hand, I’m asking for your blessing. We’re getting married, Charlie. I love her more than anything in the world, more than my own life, and – by some miracle – she loves me that way, too. Will you give us your blessing?"

"Bachelor parties are designed for those who are sad to see the passing of their single days. I couldn’t be more eager to have mine behind me. So there’s really no point."

"It’s not right! I don’t want you to have to make sacrifices for me. I want to give you things, not take things away from you. I don’t want to steal your future."

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"I’ve been waiting a century to marry you, Miss Swan."

"Let me introduce you to my wife."

"Enjoying the party, Mrs. Cullen?"

"I’m not surprised Mike’s having difficulty with improper thoughts about a married woman. I am disappointed that Alice didn’t make sure you were forced to look in a mirror"

"Don’t take too long, Mrs. Cullen"

"I wouldn’t use the word beautiful. Not with you standing here in comparison."

"Did you expect this, Bella? Were you anticipating that I would hurt you? Were you thinking it would be worse? Do you consider the experiment a success because you can walk away from it? No broken bones – that equals a victory?"

"With our rarely changing temperaments, strong emotions can alter us in permanent ways. But he said I did not need to worry about that part – you had already altered me so completely"

"I will not make love with you until you’ve been changed. I will never hurt you again."

It's like gravity your whole center shifts suddenly it's not the earth holding you here you would do anything be anything she needs a friend,a brother,a protecter

"I think it might be safer if it’s premeditated, rather than if I wait for you to assault me again."

"Maybe it would be more polite to wait until we’re alone. You may not notice me tearing the furniture apart, but it would probably scare them."

"I don’t care about anything but keeping her alive. If it’s a child she wants, she can have it. She can have half a dozen babies. Anything she wants. She can have puppies, if that’s what it takes."

"The moment Bella’s heart stops beating, I will be begging for you to kill me."

"It… the baby likes the sound of your voice."

"I want your permission to deviate from what we agreed to in our treaty with Ephraim. I want you to grant us an exception. I want your permission to save her life. You know I’ll do it anyway, but I don’t want to break faith with you if there is any way to avoid it. We never intended to go back on our word, and we don’t do it lightly now. I want your understanding, Jacob, because you know exactly why we do this. I want the alliance between our families to survive when this is over."

"By the way, I love you."

"That's why were here."

"I know-I'll play you for it.Rock, paper, scissors."

Last Night was the best night of my existence ..

"I always wondered where the crown jewels disappeared to after John of England pawned them in the thirteenth century. I suppose it doesn’t surprise me that the Volturi have their share"

"He smiled the kind of smile that would have stopped my heart if it were still beating"

"Um… carefully, Bella. Ow"

"What is a blondie with brains? A Golden Retriever."

"Her name is Renesmee. Like Renée and Esme put together."

"Okay, Emmett. I win, and you cannot say one more word about my sex life to anyone, not even Rose."

"Think he can hear us?, I Think so. Hey,Edward.if you can hear me--circle the wagons,bloodsucker. you've got a problem. we've got a problem Seth corrected"

"You. Got. Food. In. My. Hair."

How do you drown a blonde? Glue a mirror to the bottom of a pool

Excellent craftsmanship (Fido Bowl)

Seth: " They won't attack me, i'm just a kid to them." Jacob: "You're just a kid to me, kid."

My Little Nudger

(bellas thoughts) Especially in french lingerie. I knew i wasent ready for that yet.

But it was Edward out there

"... We belong together."... "Forever"

Also shaving my legs seemed like a good idea

Page 83: "How did people do this -- swallow all their fears and trust someone with every imperfection and fear they had -- with less than the absolute commitment Edward had given me? If it weren't Edward out there, if I didn't know in every single cell of my body that he loved me as much as I loved him -- unconditionally and irrevocably and, to be honest, irrationally -- I'd never be able to get up off this floor. But it *was* Edward out there, so I whispered the words 'Don't be a coward' under my breath and scrambled to my feet."

"Momma you're special" Renesmee says to Bella

I didn’t want to kill girls… even vampire girls. Though I might make an exception for that blonde.

"An island? who gives an island for a gift?"

( Caius ) You breed mutants here.

Bella: Edward, why are there feathers all around me?

Edward: Let's just be glad it wasn't you

Your pregnant arn't you?

the only person i'd ever had sex with was a vampire, for crying out loud.

"Your monopolizing the bride.Just let me dance with my little sister.It may be the last time I get to see her blush." - Emmett

For one half second, I wondered what it would feel like to put my hand in the fire

It's a good thing you're bulletproof

It's Carlie, like Carlisle and Charlie put together

"We're finally the same temperature."

"So should I start calling you dad now?"

No measure of time with you will be long enough, but let's start with forever

"My shaking jerked to a stop; heat flooded through me, stronger than before, but it was a new kind of heat - not a burning." "It was glowing." "Everything that made me who I was - my love for the dead girl upstairs, my love for my father, my loyalty to my new pack, the love for my other brothers, my hatred for my enemies, my home, my name, my self - disconnected from me in that second - snip, snip, snip - and floated up into space." "I was not left drifting. A new string held me where I was. Not one string, but a million. Not strings, but steel cables. A million steel cables all tying me to one thing - to the very center of the universe." "I could see that now - how the universe swirled around this one point. I'd never seen the symmetry of the universe before, but now it was plain." "The gravity of the earth no longer tied me to the place where I stood." "It was the baby girl in the blonde vampire's arms that held me here now." "Renesmee.

Edward: `They'll be shocked when the infants save their superiorlives, won't they?

"Forever and forever and forever," he murmured.

"I can't live in a world where you don't exist, Bella"

Impossible. Wrong. Sick Borrowing bella for the weekends and then returning her Monday Morning like a rental movie? so messed up. So tempting. (Jacob)

17.What do i look like? the wizard of oz? you need a brain? you need a heart? go ahead. take mine. take everything i have.

"If we live through this, I'll follow you anywhere women." "Now you tell me."

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