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Jasper. A highly proficient and the most battle-tested fighter with an actual military training, second strongest, supported by pathokinesis.

Alice. Most agile combatant among Cullens, very quick, great evasive and acrobatic skills, possibly rivals Jasper in fighting skill (since she was the only one to win a match over him), supported by subjective precognition.

Edward. Nearly rivals Jasper in fighting prowess, the fastest of Cullens, supported by telepathy.

Emmett. Physically strongest of Cullens, mostly relies on brute strength.

Rosalie. Behind Emmett and Jasper in physical strength, a fierce and durable combatant.

Esme. More agile than average vampires, a capable hand-to-hand combatant, fueled by her protective nature towards other Cullens.

Carlisle. Hindered by his humane nature, compassion and natural pacifism.

Bella. Lacks both skill and experience.

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