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Jasper he had highly proficient fighting skills with military training.

Alice she was incredibly agile and an excellent fighter over powering jasper due agility.

Edward he could read minds as well as proving equal to jasper.

Emmett though he relied on brute strength he had a relatively proficient fighting range.

Esme able to fight many new borns despite her humane and maternal instinct more agile than the average vampire.

Rosalie despite femininity Rosalie was a viscous and fierce hand to hand combatant as well as the physically strongest after emmett and jasper.

Carlisle though not unable to defined himself Carlisle was less adept in fighting as like Esme he was a humane man

Bella though being very strong in her newborn phase she lacked the accuracy and skill of the other cullens

Renesmee being half vampire meant her skills set of strenght agility and speed where just slightly less proficient as the other cullens

Jacob because he can catch up with vampires easily

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Charlie has he is a qualified cop, if he was transformed into a vampire that trait would make him a good fighter.

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