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Benito's newborn army

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Benito's newborn army
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Benito's Coven

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Conquering the territories of Mexico/Texas

"Benito had created an army of newborn vampires. He was the first one to think of it, and, in the beginning, he was unstoppable."
―Jasper, on Benito's history.[src]

Benito's newborn army was an army coven of newborn vampires initially designed by Benito to overrun other covens and claim their territories. It was the first newborn army ever created in history.

It was eradicated by agents of the Volturi after it's rampage in South America in the 1820s.


In the 1820s, a young vampire named Benito, from Dallas, invented the idea of using newborn vampires as an army due to their superior strengths and speeds that made them stronger than regular vampires, on a massive scale.

Since his soldiers were made of young violent vampires, he had to constantly replace them with new ones as they turned on each other. Every time he conquered a coven, he had lost more than half of his force, which also prompted him to make more.

By building this army, he destroyed covens that controlled New Mexico and Texas and claimed their territories. Once other covens realized what was happening, they, too, created their own newborn armies for protection and to try to defeat Benito, and the Southern vampire wars began. The death toll of humans caused by the wars reached epidemic proportions and the Volturi stepped in to stop them. This coven was the first to be eradicated - including Benito. Once this army was disposed of, the Volturi moved on to other newborn armies and destroyed every newborn they could find. To serve as a deterrent to future newborn armies, anyone associated with the newborns was also executed. Mexico was empty of vampires for a few years after the Volturi left. Eventually, other vampires and newborn armies began to rise again, but this time on a smaller, less conspicuous scale. No one wanted to give the Volturi a reason to return.


To this day, vampires residing in the southern parts of America are still imitating his idea to build their own armies. Maria of the Mexican coven and Victoria of the Seattle newborn army are the best examples.


  • Benito: The leader of this army and inventor of newborn armies. He was slaughtered by the Volturi for attracting too much notice from humans.
  • Multiple newborns created by him. All of them were slaughtered by the Volturi.

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