Austin Marks is a minor character in the Twilight Saga. Austin is best friends with Ben Cheney, and the older brother of the freshman whom Bella Swan bought a pair of broken motorcycles from. He lives across the street from Ben.


New MoonEdit

Austin starts to sit with Bella’s friends sometime during her “dark period”–she first describes him as “older brother to the boy with the motorcycles” but cannot recall when he joined their lunch group. Austin catches the flu the same time as Angela and Conner and can't join them on movie night. Bella buys two busted-up motorcycles from Austin's little brother when she goes on an adrenaline streak to hear Edward's voice in her head.


In Eclipse, he gossips with Ben, Mike, and Tyler about Edward and Jacob. He bets on Jacob as the victor. He is last seen attending the Cullens' graduation party.

Physical appearanceEdit

Austin's only physical feature is his sandy hair.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Austin is noted to share Ben's interest in comic books, action movies, and indie rock music. He also likes outdoors activities.



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