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"He had a limited ability to make others view him as their leader. It worked best on those who were directionless."
―Entry on Raoul's gift[src]

Enhanced leadership is Raoul's raw power to draw weak-minded or underling individuals to him and induce them to think of him as their leader.

Raoul was suspected to have this power, but it wasn't officially confirmed until his power was described in The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide.


To use this power, Raoul mainly needed to be in close proximity to someone with a weak mind. This power also worked well to inflicting fear on those around him, supported by his masculine build, and make them view him as a leader.

During his time in the army, many male vampires looked up to him, especially Kevin and Casey, who were already part of his human gang.


This power worked less effectively on independent individuals, such as Fred, Bree and Diego.


Raoul's power may be originated from his experience as a human gangster leader, that which his trait of leadership became more pronounced by his conversion into a vampire.

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