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Instead of Edward sucking the venom out of Bella, Alice did

Edward let the venom spread in Bella and when she woke up as a vampire three days later, she can't remember anything about her human life. Not even Edward. She finds that she is in a house full of strangers (who are really the Cullens) and kills them all. Bella then drinks human blood from everyone in Forks; she kills Charlie, Jacob, Seth, Leah, Mike, Jessica, everyone she knows! The Voltrui hear about this crazed newborn and find her, Jane sees that she has a shield as a power and brings her back to Aro and tells him about her special ability. Aro asks her if she would like to join them and Bella agrees, Aro tames Bella so that she isn't a crazed newborn any more.

James raped Bella, causing her to have a mutant spawn which she named "Madalaina" because that name is prettier

Rosalie and Esme killed Victoria

Bella and Edward ran away to Iceland and Bella never met Jacob

Emmett embarrases Bella at prom.

Bella is still in the hospital over her birthday, so Bella never got close to Jacob

Bella dies.

Victoria and Edward have an affair

Victoria killed Bella at Prom

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Laurent lays an Egg!

Bella ends up ditching Edward and falls for Jacob

Bella never went to La Push, so she never met Jacob, and on the car ride back from Port Angeles, Edward tells Bella the whole truth, in hopes of scaring her off. But instead, Bella confesses to Edward that she is in love with him and vice-versa, Edward and Bella run away and go to Isle Esme and Edward bites Bella so they can stay together forever. There was no James, and Jacob was never a problem, and the story went the way it should have.

Bella askes Edward to change her at prom, which he does. In the epilogue, Bella wakes up a vampire. Edward and Alice take her on her first hunt.

Victoria comes to help James and they both get killed.

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Tyler's Van hits and kills Bella. The Cullens move away from Forks.

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