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Bella falls in love with Jacob causing the Cullens never to come back.

Every thing goes the same apart from when Aro asks Bella if she wants to join and thinks of what Edward did to her, and thinks screw him he left. Joins the Volturi, gets with Felix and gets a personality.

Bella falls in love with Jacob but 2yrs later Edward returns and can't find Bella for 5 months until he sees her in the woods with Jacob as a wolf. Bella is a shape-shifter too. Sam & the rest of his pack like Bella very much and instantly welcomed her as Jacob imprinted on her. Bella imprinted on him in return ;) Edward goes over the border and tries to steal Bella but she gets herself freed. Edward then kills himself.

When Edward leaves Bella begins cutting herself (bear with me). Alice sees this so she repeatedly calls Edward, who ran away like he said at the end of New Moon, he eventually picks up and Alice tells about Bella's new 'habit'. Edward then realizes that leaving was a huge mistake and rushes back to Forks. Edward comes back just a few months after he left and begs Bella on his knees for forgiveness. Bella lets out her anger and angst by telling Edward how her life was hell when he left and how she cuts herself to take her mind off the pain. After she lets this out Bella forgives Edward. While this was happening the Cullens were moving back to Forks, later revealing that they all greatly missed Bella, even Rosalie but barely. They wolves never come into the story, but Victoria still stalks around Forks, not realizing Edward had come back. Edward reads Victoria's mind before she can pick up his scent (it's possible). And he quickly tells Bella and runs out beginning to fight a unprepared Victoria, much to Bella's horror. The Cullens get there just in time, has Alice had been having visions of the fight, and they kill Victoria together, drawing the attention of the wolves. The wolves aren't happy about the Cullens return, but can't do anything about it. Jacob still has a crush on Bella, but it doesn't turn into love, as they only talked shortly during the meeting. Though the Cullens are back Bella continues cutting herself for no reason. They have an intervention and Bella eventually agrees to stop, but she has to talk to Edward about her cutting and why she did it. After a long emotional conversation Bella agrees to stop cutting herself. Edward still is a little reluctant to change Bella, but when he sees her various scars he changes his mind, knowing neither of them could bear life without each other. Since the wolves were never in the picture Laurent is still alive and with the Denali coven, soon becoming Irina's mate. Edward soon proposes and Bella agrees as long as Edward changed her before their 1st anniversary. They marry and Bella gets pregnant like usual, but the wolves don't think she's pregnant since the Cullen's haven't tried to flee Forks. Edward still thinks the baby is a monster and wants it to be killed, but Bella won't agree. She's has the help of Esme instead of Rosalie, since Rosalie never got to tell her story to Bella, the Cullens, with the help of research, figure out the Bella needs blood and they give her some which she drinks as in Breaking Dawn. Bella has an emergency C-section like usual, but Jacob never imprints of Renesmee, since he never sees her. Bella is changed and the 3 months as a vampire go as usual. Since Irina was never angry at the wolves for killing Laurent she never tells the Volturi and they never find out. Nahuel comes in when he's exploring the world with Hulien and he tells to Cullen's about hybrids. Causing the Cullens to not worry and their lives are bliss.

Victoria nearly kills Bella after Edward left her in the woods. Jasper is passing by, wanting to apologize to her, and smells her scent going of into the woods. He saves her, etc. and it becomes a Jasper/Bella story. Lol.

Bella picks Jacob instead of Edward, Billy walks again (he got rid of his diabetes), Sam broke up with Emily and got back together with Leah, Seth imprinted on a young 14 year old from Georgia, Edward got killed by the Volturi

Bella meets another vegetarian vampire clan and falls in love with the vampire boy who is Jasper's half brother and got married after Bella became a vampire.

In Volterra Bella is bleeding from a cut she got by slamming into the fountain, Aro smells Bella and wants a taste. Edward is tackled by Felix and Demetri and has to watch. Alice is restrained by Jane and Alec. Aro simply bits Bella and starts drinking. Heidi returns with the spectator and they all scream. Demetri, Felix, Jane, Alec and Aro all rush over to feed on the witnesses while Edward and Alice rush to save Bella. They take her in a car to a hotel. While in the car Edward sucks the venom out for a second time. She stays in a type of coma. Thinking she was turning into a vampire the rest of the Cullens fly out to Italy. Bella wake to find herself in an empty room of a hotel. Thinking shes dead she gets up and walks out of the door. She sees James standing in the middle of the living room he torments her again until she screams and hears Edward's voice and wakes up she is fine and fly back to Forks. And Eclipse goes as normal!!!!!!

My ending's too long for this page. Go here to read mine.

Everything goes the same, but Bella decides to get angry with the Cullens. She fills a gas can, goes to the Cullens, and starts flipping out, emptying the gas can out with anger. The Cullens watch with horror as she lights a match, and drops it... Instead of everything bursting in flames, the match goes out. Bella bursts out laughing and says "It was water. Don't leave me next time, or it WILL be gasoline"

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Jasper kills Bella, Edward tries to kill Jasper but Alice defends him. Jasper escapes. Edward goes crazy and kills Emmett. Rosalie also goes crazy and kills Edward. Alice leaves to find Jasper before she gets killed. Esme fights Rosalie and Rosalie dies. Carlisle sighs and leaves with Esme to go find Alice and Jasper, who have joined the Volturi guard. Carlisle and Esme stay with the Volturi. Alice, Jasper, Carlisle and Esme are still vegetarian. The end

Jasper killed Bella AND Edward, Jacob never changed.... The saga would be perfect if it ended that way.


Bella transformed into a shape- shifter and then she killed Edward after he came back..

Bella turns into a vampire then burned. Poor bella

after Jacob goes crazy he tries to kill Edward but Bella attempts to use mace to hol Jacob down but it jabs Jacob in the heart Edward tries to carry Bella away but he falls on her and breaks her ankle Edward falls into a camp fire killing him Bella crawls to Jacob who is dying and Bella sheds a tear when Jacob stops breathing.

Edward gets killed by the Volturi and Bella gets killed by Laurent.

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