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  1. REDIRECT Top 10 list:Characters With More Depth Than Edward and Bella
the cullens lose the fight but edward escapes with bella

bella dies from cutting herself, Edward gets torn to pieces, and Jake... Jake gets... some fan girl

jacob dies! :)

Bree lives and becomes a Cullen

Jacob gets tortured by the volturi (ALOT)

The volturi kill Jacob

Jacob commits suicide

The wolves kill Carlisle because thay freak out when he rebrakes Jacob's bones.

A tree falls on jacob and he dies

Charlie comes out of nowhere and shoots jacob in the head thinking Jake was a rabid, overgrown wolf

Jacob gets torn to pieces and is thrown into the fire

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A newborn crushes Jacobs head resulting in his death

Edward comes to his senses and kills Jacob

Jacob catches rabis

A vampire bites jacob and the venom poisons his system

Bella and Edward are killed by Victoria and everyone else gets their happy ever after! Jacob and Leah, duh!

After all the above Jacob hate happens, Jacob comes back as a wolfie ghost and haunt Bella and Edward forever!

Edward dies!

Jacob ends up with,,....ME!!!

Victoria,Maria, and the voltouri join forces

Victoria takes over the voltouri.

Jacob imprints... ON HIMSELF

Jake imprints on XxMissJacobBlackxx!!

The Cullens lose and are about to get killed by the Volturi but Alice, Edward and Bella sacrifice themselves and join forces with the Volturi to save their family

@ 17 - Bree uses her power to kill the Ghost and Jacob never comes back!!!

Edward and Bella do it at the end of the movie/book

Victoria turns Bella into a vampire

The story begins in the middle of eclipse, Bella and Jacob are starting to get diastant, which angers Jacob who is determined to get Bella to become his girlfriend and maybe his wife. Jacob calls Bella the next day saying she forgot something at his house and he will give it to her in the near by forest next to his house. Bella goes to meet Jacob, despite Edward's warnings. When Bella goes, Jacob forcefully kisses Bella and she punches him in the face. Jacob gets mad and uses his super strength to grab and take her to a warehouse. Jacob changes into a wolf and bites Bella so she can live forever with him. At the Cullen house, Edward is freaking out when Alice has a vision of Bella being bitten and lying on the ground in a warehouse so the Cullen's search for Bella and come upon the warehouse. However, Bella isn't there and Edward smells an odd smell to Bella scent which confuses him. A few days later, Bella wakes up as a shapeshifter and all her senses are enhanced so Bella attempts to run away from Jacob in her white fur wolf form but Jacob tackles her to the ground and keeps her hostage until she loves him instead of Edward. Jacob does not let Bella go outside and keeps her indoors, always keeping an eye on her. Two weeks later, Edward is an emotional wreck and suspects Jacob kidnapped Bella as she dissapeared on the day she went with Jacob and the wolves also suspect that jacob might have tooken Bella. One night, Jacob starts drinking and passes out. Bella see's this as her oppertunity to run away so Bella runs away and arrives at the battle with the cullen's and the wolves in the morning. The wolves realize that the white coat wolf is Bella and so do the cullen's but just as bella is about to make her way to Edward Jacob arrives and attacks Edward. The two fight then Jacob bites Edward ( in this story, wolves venom is poisonus to vampires). While the Cullen's and the wolves kill Jacob, Bella returns in her human form and rushes then kneels with Edward in her arms saying his last words;"I will always love you, no matter what" then Edward dies in Bella's arms. A year later, Bella is still grieving Edward's death and is not in touch with the Cullen's anymore, due to her being a wolf she must stay in La push. When Bella is running, she see's a ghostly figure of Edward, who smiles and waves at bella which leaves a smile on her face and now can let go of him. TheEnd Hey guys! This story was written by Liv Clarence. Yes, I am the one who reviewed some of the twilight fanfictions. I know this story was a bit short but i hope you like it.Gotta go bye

Victoria kills Bella :(

Victoria kills riley by accident also killing the volturi, bella and edward

Edward Dies and Bella Falls in love with Carlisle


Edward and Bella have sex before he's ready and he ends up killing her. The Cullen's now have to face a war with the newborns and war with the werewolves. Nobody wins and death takes it's toll on everyone except for the imprinted wolves because like the b*tches they are, they leave the war to be with their imprints.

Bella let's go of Jacob immediately like a kind person would do instead of stringing him along and then the newborns tear into her

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