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What else? Oh wait, duh, she wasn't killed!

Felix convinces Jane to let Bree marry him. They wed and she becomes a member of the Volturi

Jane agrees to let the Cullens have her. They train her to turn vege. All goes well up until BD. When Bella is giving birth Bree turned. Rosalie and Jacob had to restrain her from killing Bella and the baby. Edward carried on to save them and did but during BD Bree took many swips at Renessme. So Jacob, Bella and Edward took her down and took her to Denali.

Diego, Bree and Fred live happily ever after!!!! The End!!

to run while he and his family fought off the rest of the Voltrui guard. Bella ran inside of the Cullen house andhid in there while she watched the fight. The Cullens killed the Volturi and burned their bodies. Bree on the other hand ran right the way to Vancouver and found Fred. She told him all about what happened and how Riley had killed Diego. Fred gave her a comforting hug, thhat crushed her. It turned out that Fred was really on Riley and Victoria's side and he killed Bree. Fred ran all the way back to Forks and broke into the Cullens house. He drank Bella's blood and then Edward and his family killed Fred. Edward thought that it was too late for Bella, but there was still a lot of blood in her. Edward sucked the venom out of her like he did in Twilight and Carlisle treated Bella's wounds in his home. Bella now had two crescent-shaped scars on her - the one on her hand from James and now the one on her neck from Fred. Edward is so angry that Bella was bitten again that he and his family and Bella leave Forks and go to live in Denali. Edward marries Bella there (in secret) and changes her into a vampire, without making love to her first. 6 months later, Bella finds the remains of Bree Tanner and mourns her in silence.

Bree Lives and falls in love with one of the Quileutes shapeshifers and marries him and they live happily ever after.

Bree comes back as a ghost and haunts Edward's pet.

Since Bree was ignorant of the rules,the Volturi spare her on the conditions that ONE: the Cullens are 100% responsible for her AND if she makes another wrong move she will be dealt with according to law. So Bree stays with the Cullens until the end of Breaking Dawn when she joins the Denali family and while there in Alaska to her surprise she meets Fred who himself became a vegetarian and they become mates so Bree is not alone

Diego actually was on a spy mission, and he and Bree escape with Fred just before the final fight and form their own coven.

Diego and Bree leave without talking to Riley and live happily ever after.

Jane decides that Bree has to be killed but before it happens The Cullens attack the volturi but they manege to escape. Bree tells The Cullens about the army and Diego and Fred and they let her go find Fred. Bree goes to Riley Park and convinces Fred to go with her and join The Cullens. They do the veggie diet and they discover that Diego never died, he escaped but had to lie low. Bree finds him and he too joins The Cullens. They both fall in love and live a happy life with The Cullens.

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Diego never goes to talk to Riley, they befreind Fred, and all three of them run away to travel the world.

Bree sees Riley killing Diego, and runs back to the house. Riley gets there and he never noticed Bree saw. Bree begins plotting her revenge to him ASAP. They make a plan with Fred that Fred will simply stand near Riley and make him gag on Victoria. Victoria gets really mad and storms off to fight Edward while Riley runs after her. After the newborn fight, Bree and Jane meet and realize they're kind of close ages (In human) and become BFFs and they leave to go torture Rily and Victoria. Fred and Bree fall in love and go live somewhere and later come back to help in Breaking Dawn

Volturi take her to their club

Bree's Sister Cassie Tanner is putting up posters to find Bree when she is hit by a car. Cassie nearly dies, but Fred changes her (lets say he has control). When Cassie finds out that Bree is dead, she demands to get revenge. Fred takes her to the Cullens right as they get ready for the Volturi war in BD. They ACTUALLY FIGHT (holy crow!) and Afterwards, Cassie and Fred live happily ever after

Bree kicks Janes ass

bree kills the volturi and stays with the cullens until bd bella dies during birth and instead of rosalie getting renesmee bree takes ger and finds diego riley never killed him and they live happily ever after with renesmee

Just as Bree is about to be killed, the Cullens attack. Choas ensues and Bella gets stolen by Alec. Jane, Felix, and Demetri are killed. Bree lives. Bree runs off and finds Fred and Diego alive and Edward runs off all depressed again. The Cullens, Bree, Fred, Diego, and the wolves set off to find Bella. Meanwhile, Bella is being viciously raped by various Volturi members. They (the Cullens) team up with other vampires. They fight the Volturi and the Cullens win. Bella is pregnant with Caius vampire spawn and Renesmee is born. Alice changes Bella because Edward is still gone. Edward then comes back, and Renesmee falls in love with Fred while Jacob and Leah randomly imprints (when Leah's decides to stop shifting and she can have children again)

Bree reveals she has this kick ass power and she joins the Volturi with Fred

Whilst hunting with Fred and Diego they see "her" with Riley and overhear their plan. They decide to run away to Forks to warn the Cullens and then they find them and tell them that "her" is coming with a army. They stay with the Cullens and help to fight. They win and the "black coats" come which is the Volturi and don't let Felix kill the threesome and they go back to Italy. The threesome say goodbye to the Cullens and head to Canada.

Jane tries to kill Edward, Bree punches her in the face and Edward and Bree run off into the sunset being very sparkly and leave crybaby Bella sniffling at home

Diego jumps ou tof nowhere and kills the Volturi and then dramaticall y kisses Bree then they meet up with Fred and travel all around th eworld

Jasper gets a tactical nuke and blows up everyone except the Cullens. Aro finds out that Jane and company have been killed and wants revenge so BD battle happens but the Cullens have 2 secret weapons Samuel L Jackson and Captain Planet. The two activate their wonder twin powers and go super sayen killing all the Volturi. The story ends with Belle making sandwiches in the kitchen

Bree escapes before the Cullens find her, and goes to find Fred. They travel together and become mates.

bree didn't get killed she was spare by vulturi and jacob died by vulturi hand

Bree is spared and joins the Cullens, and Seth imprints on her. She doesn't like him that much at first (not entirely over Diego), but eventually comes to care for him.

Diego was actually alive all along, and found a new girlfriend who was almost destroyed by the Voltori, but escaped with mild brain damages. Her name was Dora who was tracker/explorer, and would often ask questions and forget about them, and then return to them some 5 weeks later. Hinting at special powers hidden deep within her soul. Bree senses this and begins to twerk, in an attempt to lure Diego back, and remembers that she's not human anymore, so that method will not work, so she begins to call his nam, turns out he was actually at mcDonalds down the street with Dora, who asked the cashier how many musterds there were, and then ventured into her little, sad and broken mind. Jane kills both Diego and Dora in front of Bree, Which causes Bree to have a mental brakedown. After 6 years of seeing a psychiatrist, and brutally murdering the psychiatrist, receptionist and hank the door man, Bree leaves that office, with blood on her hands, nowhere to go, and a very nice card from Jane, explaining that she only did those things because she was on her vampire-period.

Bree does survive but goes of to find Fred but it was a trick and the Volturi are there. They kidnap Bree which leads to a fight

Bree Tanner survives but the Cullens and the Volturi don't notice it. Soon, an airplane lands on the field and a family comes out of the plane. It turns out that Bree is half Finnish and the family talks to Bree. A bit later, another airplane lands on the field and everyone who was in the previous airplane went there. Bree scares the one working on the airplane so that she can go to the airplane without any passport. Bree goes to Finland and meets a nomad vampire called Erika who is a vegetarian vampire. Bree decides to be vegetarian too and together they form the Finnish coven. 7 years later they find out that Diego was alive too and Diego joins the Finnish coven.

Carlisle takes a piece of Bree's body that the Volturi wouldn't notice. After she is burned and Jane leaves, the Cullens keep the piece and wait for her to one day fully regenerate. A tiny piece would probably a take a year or more to fully regen.

When Jasper and Alice are having some kind of moment,Bree takes off into the woods because she can't stand Bella's sent.Then she meets Fred,and they fall inlove.Then they run into the Cullen's again,become vegans,and become Cullens,

When the shapeshifters hide from the Volturi, Bree hides with them. Bree joins the Cullens and becomes a vegetarian. Fred is one of the witnesses to prove that Renesmee is not an immortal child. During the Volturi confrontation, a fight starts because Bree and Fred used to be part of an illegal coven. However, the Cullens and thei witnesses win the battle.

Seth imprints on Bree when she is on the verge of being killed. Edward sense Seth's mind and stops the Volturi from killing Bree. The Cullens take her into their family and she and Seth lives happily ever after for forever.

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