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Breaking Dawn
Alice wakes up, at the end of the film in a unknown house. She runs down the stairs and into the living room where Jasper is sat on the sofa and she says to him "I just had the strangest vision." And that's why they decided to go live with the Cullens. End credits.

Bella and Edward go on there honeymoon and have sex. She comes back pregnant. When she has the baby Jacob imprints(falls in love)with the baby.

Jacob and Edward fight together to protect Bella and Renesmee

Bella has the baby and realizes that Jacob will take care of Renesmee(the baby)and is currently not a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship,just brother and sister.

After the battle, you see Carlisle remove his hand from Alice's, and nothing in the series EVER happened....

Sam makes Jacob Alpha and Sam retires.

Alice and Jasper return, but fail to convince the Volturi that Renesmee is harmless. A fight breaks out, and with Alec and Jane the Volturi win. Edward and Bella are killed in the battle and so are two of the wolves. With the lose the wolves flee and Aro agrees to let Esme, Carlisle , Emmett, and Rose live if Alice will join the Guard. Alice agrees and is allowed to bring Jasper. While the wolves were running back to the reservation, Jacob managed to take Renesmee and escape with the false documents Bella had left for them. Once Renesmee was gone the vampire/human hybrid and the other witnesses left. Alice and Jasper than leave with the Volturi, Jane welcoming them to the guard; the remaining Cullen coven than decides to leave Forks, they catch up with the Denali Coven and head to Alaska; Sam, Leah and Quil who have returned to the pack, morn the death of Seth and Embry and now have a hatred for all vampires;Jacob and Renesmee with their new identity's make a new life for themselves in LA, Renesmee soon growing up and falling in love with Jacob ,who still phases as to not age. The book ends when Renesmee now completely grown up reading the note Bella left for her all those years ago and her and Jacob arriving in Alaska to see the last of her Family.

When Alice and Jasper come back Aro decides he will kill them all except Alice Jasper Edward Bella Renesmee and Jacob along with Benjamin and Tia. Jacob then refuses to work with Red Eye scum like the Volturi during the confusion of Aros explanation Bellas sheild faltered and went back to sheilding only herself and Jane started to torture Jacob and his whole pack felt the pain and then Bella screamed stop because seeing Jacob in pain made Renesmee cry. tThen Jacob agreed on joining the Volturi and told his pack to join Sam again. And when the selected walked over to the Volturis formation the guards restrained them and the rest slaughtered the remaining. Then they all left and when in Volterra they waited till renesmee waas fully grown they killed all the volturi when they least expected this. When all the Volturi was dead they restarted the Volturi and made them a peaceful orginization. And then the prolouge was them ruling fair and peacefully!

Irina comes back as a ghost and plagues everyone until Alice reveals herself as not only a psychic, but a exorcist-ish person too.

All the events of Breaking Dawn happen, up to the point where Bella starts drinking blood to feed the baby. Irina finds out about the baby and tells the Volturi. The Volturi believe that Hybrids are just as dangerous as immortal children, so they plan to kill Bella and everyone involved. The Cullens find out through Alice, so they prepare to protect her. They invite the Denali coven and all of Carlisle's friends, who are willing to fight, to join. Jacob manages to convince Sam to join in the fight as well. The Volturi arrive and the Cullens and Quileutes fight them off in a final epic battle. While Edward is fighting Aro, he gets cut in half, on the verge of death. Bella runs to him and he shares his final words. "All I want is for you to be happy. Live a long happy life. So please, don't do what I think you're gonna do (suicide). Let me go, and find happiness. As long as you promise me that, then maybe I WILL find my vampire heaven. I love you, Bella." Aro then burns Edward's body right in front of her. Bella rashly attacks Aro (to no avail), but Jane attacks her back. Jacob sees the whole thing in shock and steps in. With tears of rage in his eyes, he manages to kill them both by himself. The other Volturi, mortally wounded, retreat. Because of Jane's attack, Bella has a miscarriage and turns into a zombie (again) for 6 months. During the 6 months, Bella doesn't speak at all and never leaves her house. Jacob cares for and nurtures her throughout the 6 months, never leaving her side for a second. After the 6 months, Bella hears Edward's final words in her head again, she then finally decides to act on them. In that moment, Bella suddenly sees Jacob in a whole new way and feels as though she couldn't possibly live without him. In that same moment, Jacob imprints on Bella and they become inseparable. Sam and Billy find out and are confused why he imprinted on her now but not before. Billy theorizes that Jacob was meant to imprint on Bella all along, but Edward was like an interference to the process. Neither Bella or Jacob wanted to think of Edward in that way (as an interference), because Bella still loved him very much and Jacob still thought of him as a good friend. Bella expresses her desire to STILL become a vampire to Jacob. Jacob strongly opposes her decision as it could ruin their relationship. But Bella feels that if they truly love each other, it won't matter; and as long as Jacob continues to phase, they can live together forever. They get married and have a son, which they instantly decide to name Edward. Afterwards, Carlisle transforms Bella into a vampire. Jacob is overjoyed that, even though she's a vampire, his love for her hasn't changed at all. The book ends with a familiar voice echoing in Bella's head, saying "So proud of you..." The End :)

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at the end alice doesn't come quite quick enough causing caius to start the fight. jacob now runs with renessme with demetri quickly following. edward catches demetri with his back turned and attacks instintly snapping his neck and killing him. jacob then takes renessme to La Push ready to go farther. meanwhile some1 defects bellas sheild but she quickly regains herself and puts it back up which takes the volterri by surprise. alice and jasper then come in the clearing making every1 pause long enough to listen to the explination. the volterri leave embarrasd of the mistake they had made. seth talkes to jacob that all is clear and they all go back to the cullen house leaving soon afterwards. while on the way home zafrina and her sisters run into the volterri and sare their greif 4 the death of irina by killing alec and jane quickly running away safly 4 demitry is dead. at the cullen home all go's well and they have a happliy ever after. TA-DAH!

Alice kills the wolf pack

hehe THEY KILLED EDWARD hahaha he is dead☻

Alice doesn't come back and the Cullens fight.

The Cullens fight and kill the Volturi!

Bella has Renesmee and is a vampire. Renesmee really loves Bella but hates Edward for wanting to abort her so she only trusts/loves Bella, Jacob, Rosalie, Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, Jasper & Alice. Edward then goes and joins Volturi and tells them about Renesmee and a illegally created Bella. (she isnt illegal) Edward appears at the fight and the fight starts. Bella, Jacob, Renesmee manage to retreat to La Push (with permission) the survivors go to La Push too. The war lasts for 3 days. Volturi looses Jane & Alec and their wifes. Cullens only loose... no one! Edward is angry and makes Volturi convience 2 kidnap Renesmee instead. They unsucceed! They go back to Italy but Edward stays in forks somewhere. Everyone on cullens side stay in La Push and they have dead animals brought to them with blood still in them. The ones that drink human blood have to drink animal blood. Edward manages to kidnap Bella and Jacob imprints on Bella and really loves Renesmee so Jacob goes into wolf phrase and kills Edward. Bella & Jacob marry and its a happy ever after. By the way the Cullens forget Edward and act like nothing happened.

Alice and Jasper bring mermaids and Caius trys to swipe Nessie but fails

While Bella has Renesmee, Edward doesn't change her into a vampire because he wants her to be mortal. Jacob finds out and gets really angry. Bella has Renesmee and Rosalie takes care of her, but Bella is very sick and has to be treated every day by Carlisle. All the Cullens are shocked and angry that Edward would risk Bella's life just so she would stay human. Jacob and the wolves are angry too so Jacob goes to Italy and tells the Volturi that Edward is an illegal vampire. The Volturi agree to come in a few hours, The wolves come back and tell the Cullens what happened. The Cullens are reluctant at first, but then they decide not to kill Edward but instead let the Volturi take him as prisoner. The Volturi arrive and Carlisle makes a deal with them to not harm anyone, even Edward. They agree and take Edward away to use him as their new weapon, a mind reader. Bella, meanwhile, hears that Edward is gone again and is very very depressed. Jacob goes in to comfort her and she sees the way he looks at her and Renesmee and she realizes she really does love Jacob. The Cullens turn Bella into a vampire and she lives happily with Jacob and Renesmee.

Bella is a vampire and lives happily every after with Edward & Renesmee. Jacob didn't imprint on her and went to attack her but Rosalie defended her. Jacob imprints on Leah instead and Leah imprinted on him in return. Irina goes to volturi and says renesmee immortal child and they come like in BD but Alice & Jasper get loads of witnesses but comes back empty handed (no nahuel) so a fight begins, The war is nasty and Jacob & Leah like Renesmee so they take her to La Push and put a wolfs live here around La Push. Bella, Edward & all the other cullens go to la push with denali coven and most of the others. Jane sneaks up on renesmee but sam kills her. in the end the volturi die and cullens rule the vampire world but not from italy. the end

Bella never leaves Edward,so Jacob and his wolf pack get into a fight with the Cullens.Jacob dies in the war by bella excepts Jacobs death and Renesmee,goes to the Volturi and joins them.Edward finds out and all hell breaks loose,all the Volturi dies, except renesmee.She goes back to the cullens

Bella discovers that Jacob has imprinted on Leah and gets jealous, even when she loves Edward more, but when in the war Leah kills Aro that was about to kill Nessie, she starts to like her and she accepts their love. Nessi falls in love with Seth and he imprints on her, all the Volturi get killed except for Marcus wich changes side when Carlisle tells him the truth abouth Ddyma´s death. They all live happily ever after as a big family, except that Marcus leaves to be alone.

When Edward wanted to get rid of the baby, Bella runs away to the Volturi. Bella and Renesmee are part of the Volturi and Aro becomes a father figure for Renesmee. Then Bella meets up with the Cullens, Edward wants Bella and Renesmee to come home but Bella and Renesmee won't because he planing to kill Renessmee. Having Edward to try to have Bella and Renesmee forgive him.

All like BD until the fight. The fight actually starts and then a legendary wolf comes along. the wolf is actually HALF VAMPIRE HALF WOLF. its said to be born off sun beams as its gold and sparkly. the wolfs tail can swipe jane and alec in 1 second. the wolf then phrases back into a human and guess who it is? BELLA. cos when the battle was on she ran away 2 see if nessie & jacob were ok in La Push. And also she is that because it shows she loves ed/jacob

Edward killed Bella when they made love on Isle Esme, Edward is so grief stricken that he goes to Volterra in Italy and shows himself to the humans, the Volturi then kill him. Jacob is angry at Edward for killing Bella but he doesn't know that Edward is dead. Jacob, Leah, Quil, Embry and Jared go to the Cullen's house and kill everyone, only to realise that Edward isn't there. Seth hears about this and is angered that Jacob, his sister and his friends killed the Cullens and attacks Jacob. Sam stops them from fighting and orders Jacob to leave the pack. Jacob leaves and is on his own for 20 years, he lives as a lone wolf and travels all across the world where he meets vampires and kills them because the are the same species as Edward who killed Bella. When the Volturi find that Demetri is dead, they see a gigantic wolf next to his burnt body. Jacob phases into a human and asks the Volturi to kill him, because it is the only thing he wants. Aro bites Jacob and Jacob burns until he dies. He wakes up next to a baby girl who has Edward's hair and Bella's eyes. Her name is Renesmee. Jacob finds that he is in the Heaven of the Supernatural, and that Edward and Bella are happily married with two children: E.J and Renesmee. They are all human and living with Edward's adopted human family: the Cullens. Jacob is confused by this and Edward says to Jacob that it wasn't his fault he killed lots of vampires and the Cullens - Edward said that he should have been more careful with Bella. Jacob falls asleep that night and wakes up outside of the Cullen's house in his wolf form. It was all just a dream, Bella is pregnant and everyone who was alive at the beginning of Breaking Dawn is alive. The events of Breaking Dawn happen as normal. The End

Victoria never died in Eclipse. Laurent never dies either. Instead of Riley, Victoria manipulates Laurent.All BD events up to when Irina sees Renesmee and reports the cullens to the volturi. Victoria soon finds out about Renesmee. She knows that Renesmee isn't an immortal child but she still hadn't got her revenge so she told Laurent to report Renesmee as an immortal child. The cullens gather witnesses and so. At the confrontation,Laurent is about to be killed by Caius but Irina stops him and claims that she would die for him. Caius kills her in the end. Tanya and Kate are depressed. Then Kate fights Jane. Jane gets her arm torn off. Alc reattaches it and Aro gets angry. A fight breaks out, Kate is killed by Jane and Alec. Tanya gets annoyed. Edward then comforts her. Bella gets pissed off at this and kills Tanya with her newborn strength.Carmen and Eleazar sit out of the fight. Aro kills Edward. Bella gets annoyed and takes it out on Stefan and Vladimir; The romanians kill her.They then face Emmett and Jasper. Emmett is killed and Rosalie asks Carmen and Eleazar to kill her. They refuse. She then takes on the romanians who are trying to kill Jasper. Alice stalls Vladimir as Rosalie attacks Stefan. Vladimir kills Alice. Jasper, Peter and Charlotte flee to maria. they rejoin her coven as she is no longer creating newborns. Jasper convinced Peter,Charlotte and Maria to go vegetarian. They agree. Meanwhile,Nahuel arrives as a witness. Aro touches him during the fight. Aro sees Nahuel is a venoumous hybrid. Aro orders Demetri and felix to kill Nahuel. They do so.Aro then sends some of the guard to deal with Joham. They do that then return to Volterra.Rosalie,Carlisle and Esme kill the romanians. The Volturi are pleased with this and leave,all except Felix, who attempts to kill Renesmee. Jacob tries to save renesmee but Renesmee dies in the process. Felix returns to the Volturi. Carlisle,Esme,Carmen and Eleazar leave to track down Jasper. They find him in Maria's coven and decide to stay with them as they are vegetarian. All witnesses leave.Rosalie leaves with the Irish coven as she has nowhere to go. The Volturi,the witnesses and Maria's coven live in peace. Victoria is still alive killing people but is happy she has gotten her revenge finally. She then creates Riley and they start a coven including Bree,Fred,Diego and some other newborns.The end.

Bella tells Edward to take a hike and does it with Jakey. :]

Jacob gets bitten by Bella and no one care

Bella still gets married. She still gets pregnant but, when the Volturi arrive they are not very happy and insist on killing the spawn of Edward and Bella. In the battle that follows a few people lose their lives including Jasper and yes, Jacob. His death is part of a sacrifice for both Bella and her child. Her father never discovers her Vampire-ness and she must fake her death so that he is safe, after all losing a fight has only made the Volturi angrier and has not made the Cullens safe at all. Upset on the death of her best friend and fearing the safety of her child, Bella convinces the Cullens to leave Forks and head some where new. However, on their journey, the Volturi catch up with them and Bella uses her anti-climatic shield power to protect Edward and the baby (Who turns out to be male in this ending). However, forgetting to use the shield on herself she is tortured by the Volturi's weird pain making power. On the brink of death, the wolf pack arrive to avenge Jacob and show that there is no hatred between Vampire and Werewolf or at least between these two specific groups. Knowing that they can never return to Forks, the clan say farewell to the wolves and go find somewhere new to live. A flash forward shows that their child (who is a boy named Jacob) only grows to a teenager and that Bella is constantly looking at local news reports in Forks and Florida to wait for the news of the death of her parents. In the closing passage Bella says how, although she still deeply loves Edward, she regrets meeting him, and thinks of how life would be if she were just a boring, uninteresting human.

Everything in Breaking Dawn happens then Renesmee rejects Jacob 7 years later

Renesmee suddenly becomes venomous and accidentally kills Jacob

Renesmee rejects Jacob and runs of with nauhel

Jacob commits suicide because Renesmee rejected him

Renesmee find out that Jacob made out with her mum and is totally pissed

Renesmee realizes that Jacob is a jerk

Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie, and Alice all move away after BD

Bella hates Edward because he tried to abort Renesmee but then as soon as she realises she goes into labour and has Renesmee, but she does not want to be a vampire any more because she hates Edward but as she did not get a chance to tell him he still changes her. She runs away with Renesmee to Charlie's house and tells him everything. The Voultri then go to the Cullen's house to kill her as she told a human and they think Bella is still there and they kill Emmett, Jasper and Edward. Then Alice, Carlisle, Esme and Rosalie run away and Bella follows with Renesmee and they go to live in Italy but first they kill the Voultri.Renesmee finds out that Edward wanted to abort her so she hates him and does not care that he is dead.

The cullens fight and everyone falls but Alice and Jasper and carlisle who is forced to watch esme fight demitri, carlisle threatens aro that he will kill himself if esme dies so she is brought to him and they are free to leave, they try to rebuild there life with missing pieces.

It turns out that Angela is actually a witch and she randomly appears when all hope is lost and with the cullen's help, defeats the volturi. jacob imprints on leah and the cullens one day meet freaky fred, who falls in love with renesmee. they get married. the end!

Whilst on a trip to somewhere or another, it explodes and the heat of it kills everyone...incuding the VAMPIRES.

Edward realises that Tanya is better for him and abandons a pregnant Bella. Jacob Seth and Leah come to protect Bella from the Rest of the pack. Jacob feels sexually attracted to her bump and Bella falls in love with Seth who is perfect in every wa for her. When Bella gives birth Jacob imprints, revealing why he was sexually attracted to Bella's bump. Edward leaves Tanya 10 years later and comes to find Bella, looking for forgiveness. He finds Jacob keeping Nessie as a sex slave and she likes it, and Bella is a hillbilly with 10 kids named EJ, Bob, Steve, Frank, Sherry, Kayla, Harry, Cletus, Sonja and Chive. Edward is heartbroken that he has been rejected and gives himself up for prostitution to wash away his feelings. He is so damn ttractive that he gets millions and can afford to make a 100% realistic version of Bella which he rapes everyday and then he falls into his log fire and dies he he

A dragon comes and kill the Volturi, eats the Romanians, and then leaves.

The Volturi try to confiscate Renesmee for bad parenting and Bella, Edward and the Romanians attack the Volturi (not Jacob 'cause he's told he can come with Renesmee 'cause he imprinted on her). Edward and the Romanians get killed, Bella is spared on the proviso that she joined them. She agrees, the Cullens join up as well, so do all the other witnesses (so long as they get to stay where they are already living) so the Volturi have mini branches all over the world, they send out whoever's closest to which case and Bella gets over Edward with the help of Felix - who later becomes her mate - Seth imprints on Jane, Tanya and Alec become mates, Leah imprints on Marcus who finds happiness with her and Embry imprints on Renata. Collin and Brady join Jacob's pack and imprint on Maggie and Senna, Zafrina and Alistair become mates, Kachiri and Nahuel become mates, Randall and Huilien get together, Mary and a new werewolf are together and lastly Demetri and Heidi fall in love. Everyone is happy.

No Renesmee. Jacob died. Bella wanted to marry Edward not for Sex but because she loves him.

Bella died during birth and Renesmee made it out. Edward goes to Volturi and he dies. Rosalie ends up looking after Renesmee and she is happy because she has a "child" but one problem: Jacob had imprinted. So Rosalie, Emmett take Renesmee and run away so Jacob doesn't get to see Renesmee because Rosalie hates Jacob. The other Cullens soon join Emmett & Rosalie and start a "new" life. Btw for Jacob Lovers: Jacob re-imprints on Lizzie.

Renesmee grows up to love jacob. she finds out jacob still loves her mom. nessie leaves jake to be with Seth and Jacob gets killed. everyone mourns his death until he says he lied about dying. everyone hates him again for lying to them. the end

The following alternate ending is based on Stephanie Meyer's written expression of Jacob's feelings when he is talking to Bella: "If you think that imprinting could ever make sense of this insanity… Do you really think that just because I might someday imprint on some stranger it would make this right? Tell me what the point was then, Bella! What was the point of me loving you? What was the point of you loving him? When you die, how is that ever right again? What’s the point to all the pain? Mine, yours, his! You’ll kill him, too, not that I care about that. So what was the point of your twisted love story, in the end? If there is any sense, please show me, Bella, because I don’t see it." My hope, through this alternate ending, would be to make Jacob (and Edward) understand more deeply the power of such a seemingly "twisted love story," in contrast to Meyer's arguably overly happy ending. So, here it goes...All the events of Breaking Dawn happen, up to immediately before Jacob imprints on Renesmee (Chapter 18, ending with the phrase "The murderer stared past Rosalie’s shoulder at me, its gaze more focused than any newborn creature’s gaze should be. Warm brown eyes, the color of milk chocolate—the exact same color that Bella’s had been").Though, instead of killing Renesmee or imprinting on her, he becomes transfixed by how similar Renesmee's eyes are to Bella's, and as he stares into Renesmee's eyes he "sees" Bella and can't bring himself to kill the baby. Jacob runs out of the Cullen house and phases in the same way he ran out of his own house when he received Edward and Bella's wedding invitation at the end of "Eclipse."As it turns out, Bella dies prior to Edward's venom reaches her heart. So, the rest of the book alternates between the points-of-view of Edward and Jacob. Edward mourns the loss of Bella and wishes nothing more than to be killed himself, as he sits alone and silent in the house for weeks (minus hunting, of course, which he does minimally and unsuccessfully being distracted and distraught). Meanwhile, no one in Forks has seen Jacob for weeks. Neither Seth nor Leah can hear Jacob either, as he has supposedly made his own "pack" again by leaving town. Edward attempts to escape to Italy to be killed by the Volturi, but Alice envisions his plans before he can leave, and Carlisle stops Edward at the airport just in time, pleading with Edward that as much as Edward cannot bear his own pain, it would be wrong to leave Renesmee without either of her parents. Edward senses a stronger connection with Carlisle than ever before, sensing Carlisle's sincere imparting of paternal wisdom onto Edward. However, returning to Forks and seeing Renesmee angers him once again, and he aims to make plans to die in a way that won't involve going to the Volturi.Jacob returns to Forks (I'll allow some flexibility in Jacob's story about what he does and thinks about while he's away), knowing that his disappearance pains not only Billy, but also the tribe. He would also like to comfort Charlie, given Charlie's fondness of him and understanding Charlie's need for support in planning Bella's funeral (It turns out Carlisle fixes up Bella's body she gave birth to make it appear as if she died from some mysterious internal parasite/infection/disease). Upon returning to Forks, Jacob refuses to talk with any of the pack members (including Seth and Leah). Yet, as Jacob becomes more in tune with his human emotions (having been a wolf the past few months), he grieves constantly over Bella and is not able to sleep at night. With the news that Jacob is in town, Edward listens in to Jacob's thoughts late into the night, and hears Jacob's angry and bitter thoughts towards Edward. Edward sees this as a key opportunity to provoke Jacob to get Jacob to kill him (just as Jacob and Edward had agreed upon earlier in the book). Edward departs his house and brings Renesmee with him, hoping that Jacob (or another member of the pack) will kill her as well to save her the grief, when she gets older, of knowing that both her parents have died. Because it is a last-minute decision, Alice does not find out about Edward's plans -- also her mind is preoccupied with comforting Charlie and preparing for Bella's funeral.Edward hides Renesmee high up in a tree just inside the woods bordering Jacob's house. He keeps a vigilent watch on her by listening to her thoughts. Edward then arrives at Jacob's house in the middle of the night, and angers Jacob enough to draw him into the woods. Edward explains to Jacob that he will allow Jacob to kill him, but that he wants to talk with Jacob first. Edward explains to Jacob that he knows how much Jacob loved Bella, and that Jacob killing him and Edward dying is the best solution for both of them. Just prior to allowing Jacob to kill him, though, Edward hands Jacob Renesmee (wrapped in cloth, such that Jacob doesn't immediately recognize her) and asks him to kill the baby himself or give it to someone else in the pack. Right then and there, Sam's pack appears near Jacob, having sensed Renesmee while she was up in the tree. Seeing that Jacob is talking with Edward, and knowing that Edward would not dare come on Quileute land without asking for a death sentence, Sam correctly reads that Edward is asking Jacob to kill him, and Sam restrains the pack from doing anything unless Jacob asks for aid. Sam asks Jacob to hand Renesmee over to him, but Jacob once again looks into Renesmee's eyes and "sees" Bella in them. Wrought with emotion, Jacob hands Renesmee back to Edward and explains that he cannot kill him nor Renesmee. The reason Jacob cannot kill Edward is because he realizes that Bella would not have wanted him to, and knows that if he did so, it would have haunted his memory for the rest of his life -- though Jacob does not tell Edward anything and simply runs back to his house urging Edward to leave and telling Sam to leave Edward and Renesmee alone or else he would personally attack Sam and his pack until they were all dead.Edward, at a loss for words (and fearful for his life), takes Renesmee and immediately flees to the Cullen household, where Renesmee begins to cry. To avoid drawing attention to himself (and the fact that he left the house), Edward takes Renesmee out from the wrapped cloth and attempts to comfort her, having his first meaningful glance at Renesmee for the first time. At that time, Edward, too, is overcome with emotion as he looks into Renesmee's eyes and "sees" Bella, yet he also senses Bella's blood running boldly through Renesmee's body. Edward then realizes how deeply he loves Renesmee (in a fatherly/paternal way). Just then, Alice comes into the room and tells Edward of her vision: that the Volturi are coming to Forks to investigate whether Bella has actually been transformed. Alice has already informed Carlisle, who has made the decision that the family needs to leave Forks as soon as possible. The Cullens spend the rest of the night packing, and plan to temporarily meet up with the Denali clan in the interim before making more permanent plans about where to flee. Just before leaving, Edward overhears Alice begging Carlisle to stay at least one more day, so that they may be able to attend Bella's funeral (which is happening that morning) and so they can explain to the Volturi that although Bella had not been changed as Alice had envisioned, Renesmee is the perfect "substitute," as she carries both Bella's blood (which Aro himself found attractive) and the essence of a vampire. But Carlisle is persistent on leaving, saying that it would do Charlie more good to have the Volturi follow the Cullens out of Forks than to potentially put Forks in danger with the Volturi there just so the Cullens can attend Bella's funeral. Carlisle and Esme have also already prepared and sent a gift and their condolances, grieving not being able to attend the funeral due to a "family emergency." As the Cullen family leaves their home, they are all silent except for Renesmee who has started to cry again. The story then shifts back to Jacob, as Billy has woken him up to get ready for the funeral. The story then shifts back to Edward, holding Renesmee in his arms (to Rosalie's dismay), as he comforts her. Billy and Jacob arrive at Charlie's house to bring him to the funeral and Renesmee stops crying in Edward's arms just as dawn breaks the horizon.

Everything that happens in the book happens until the Volturi come and decide to kill Renesme because of her good looks. (The volturi are jealous) Bella uses her shield to shield everyone only it doesn't work on werewolves so all the werewolves die except Seth and Leah because they got the flu on the day of the fight. All the volturi die because the Cullens get RPG's and shoot at them. They are easy targets because the Volturi have just been eating vampire icy-poles (Frozen human blood) and are frozen. Bella, Edward and Renesmee live happily ever after and nothing bad ever happens to them except Bella trips over a mouse and squashes it, which is fine because they all have mouse blood for dinner that night. No-one bothers to hold a funeral for Jacob because it turns out no-one really liked him. Bella hates him because he gets her in trouble too many times and Bella admits that she never really liked him, and was only friends with him for her father's sake. Charlie learns how awful he was to Bella and then he hates him to. THE END!!!! :P

Rosalie falls for Jacob. Emmett falls for Leah. Renesmee gets with Nahuel and they conceive a child named emma, because that's what rosalie always wanted to name her child.

Renesmee wants to be single forever. This breaks jacob's heart and he's about to turn into a wolf from angriness but he explodes into small chances and all the vampires start drinking his blood because it tastes so good. None of the werewolves are sad that Jacob is dead because he annoyed them all with his thoughts of bella.

Jacob loves renesmee, renesme loves seth , seth loves bella, bella loves edward , edward loves tanya, tanya loves carlisle, carlisle loves esme, esme loves charlie,charlie loves renee and renee loves phil but phil's never really loved anyone(no one loves each other back that could lead to a very un happy life for everyone)

Bella dies before Edward changes her and Edward has to bring up Renesmee himself with the help of Jacob, who has imprinted on Renesmee. Edward and Jacob become good friends.

They reconcile and decide to have an orgy.

Victoria and Riley survive through Eclipse to Breaking Dawn. Victoria tells Riley about her revenge becuase of James. He is shocked that she used him,but stays with her becuase he loves her. Victoria is touched and falls in love with Riley. They decide to tell the Volturi that they know Renesmee is not an imortal child. The Volturi send for Irina and she is executed. Then Victoria and Riley leave Voltera. Edward decides that they should all move somewhere far from Forks and they do. They accidently run into Victoria and Riley. Edward attacks Victoria and is about to kill her when he sees Riley strangling Bella.(The others went to see the Denalies) Riley says he will kill Bella if Edward doesn't let Victoria go. Edward smiles and snaps Victoria's neck. Victoria falls lifeless to the ground. Riley sets Bella on fire and kills Edward. In fury he kills 16 humans and brings 3 more alive ones back to Victoria who is regenerating. She lies on the ground in agony. He feeds her human blood by cutting open their necks, holding them above her, and letting the blood fall into her mouth. Victoria heals and her and Riley continue to live there. Through Victoria's death-back-to-life experience, she is able to have children again. Her and Riley are married and have a duaghter named Erica,who has fiery red hair,green/red eyes, and her dad's skin tone. She is beautiful. When she gets older she goes her own way and mates with Fred. Victoria then loses her ability to have children becuase she could only have one. Her and Riley are still a very active couple. They mate repeatedly and play hide and seek like Victoria and James did. The End.

Bella never moves to Forks.

Jane finds an immortal child, she keeps and raises him as her own.

Everyone dies except for Jane. :3

Upon realizing that Renesmee is harmless and unique the Volturi decide they wish to acquire her, Jacob angrily lunges forward and is killed by Aro. Renesmee is deeply torn but Aro says he will pardon all that has happened here if he is allowed to keep the hybrid. A tentative agreement is made, though Edward and Bella plan to take her back one day.

The Vampires get ripped to pieces and have to live with missing body parts. Renesmee takes care of her disabled vampire family and gets married to Jake, who lost an eyeball. (the reason why they are disabled is because their body parts got burned or fell into the crack in the ground.)

INCEPTION! Bella was asleep and none of this ever happened ! dundundun!!!!

Bella turn into vampire, saw Damon Salvatore, falls in love.. Leaves Edward and Renesmee, becomes Damon's partner so that Damon can forget about Elena.. Confuse?

The Vision was actually real!

The Cullen's, the witnesses , & the wolf pack have an orgy with the volturi :D

alec and jane decided to join the volturi, the volturi get angry and the war started, but with alec and jane on the cullens' side, the cullens' won. since both jane and alec are young, rosalie treats them as her children

it was all just a dream. Bella never did moved to forks. instead, i was the one who moved there and lived happily with edward

Bella wakes up in a mental hospital and everybody convinces her it was just a dream and she is mad and unfit for society but she sees edward outside from the window sparkling but she blinks HES GONE DUN DUN DUN!!!!

Bella (immortal), edward and alice join the Volturi and live in Volterra after renesme is born but irina never accuses them of having an illegal child (not really illegal), 10 years later the Volturi come acros Jacob and Renesme on St. Marcus Day and invite then to live with then. Jacob was already changed and is both werewolf and vampire, he does hunt for animal, human blood and eats like a dog would! Its all happy

After the last line in Breaking Dawn, Bella wakes up in a hospital. Charlie, who was sitting in a chair next to her hospital bed, tells her that she did get hit by Tyler's van and she had been in a coma for three years since then. The Cullens, who were normal humans, moved back to Alaska a year after she fell into the coma. Jacob and the rest of the wolf pack are still human.

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