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  1. REDIRECT Top 10 list:Characters With More Depth Than Edward and Bella
When Edward wanted to get rid of the baby, Bella runs away to the Volturi. Bella and Renesmee are part of the Volturi and Aro becomes a father figure for Renesmee. Then Bella meets up with the Cullens, Edward wants Bella and Renesmee to come home but Bella and Renesmee won't because he planing to kill Renessmee. Having Edward to try to have Bella and Renesmee forgive him.

All like BD until the fight. The fight actually starts and then a legendary wolf comes along. the wolf is actually HALF VAMPIRE HALF WOLF. its said to be born off sun beams as its gold and sparkly. the wolfs tail can swipe jane and alec in 1 second. the wolf then phrases back into a human and guess who it is? BELLA. cos when the battle was on she ran away 2 see if nessie & jacob were ok in La Push. And also she is that because it shows she loves ed/jacob

Edward killed Bella when they made love on Isle Esme, Edward is so grief stricken that he goes to Volterra in Italy and shows himself to the humans, the Volturi then kill him. Jacob is angry at Edward for killing Bella but he doesn't know that Edward is dead. Jacob, Leah, Quil, Embry and Jared go to the Cullen's house and kill everyone, only to realise that Edward isn't there. Seth hears about this and is angered that Jacob, his sister and his friends killed the Cullens and attacks Jacob. Sam stops them from fighting and orders Jacob to leave the pack. Jacob leaves and is on his own for 20 years, he lives as a lone wolf and travels all across the world where he meets vampires and kills them because the are the same species as Edward who killed Bella. When the Volturi find that Demetri is dead, they see a gigantic wolf next to his burnt body. Jacob phases into a human and asks the Volturi to kill him, because it is the only thing he wants. Aro bites Jacob and Jacob burns until he dies. He wakes up next to a baby girl who has Edward's hair and Bella's eyes. Her name is Renesmee. Jacob finds that he is in the Heaven of the Supernatural, and that Edward and Bella are happily married with two children: E.J and Renesmee. They are all human and living with Edward's adopted human family: the Cullens. Jacob is confused by this and Edward says to Jacob that it wasn't his fault he killed lots of vampires and the Cullens - Edward said that he should have been more careful with Bella. Jacob falls asleep that night and wakes up outside of the Cullen's house in his wolf form. It was all just a dream, Bella is pregnant and everyone who was alive at the beginning of Breaking Dawn is alive. The events of Breaking Dawn happen as normal. The End

Victoria never died in Eclipse. Laurent never dies either. Instead of Riley, Victoria manipulates Laurent.All BD events up to when Irina sees Renesmee and reports the cullens to the volturi. Victoria soon finds out about Renesmee. She knows that Renesmee isn't an immortal child but she still hadn't got her revenge so she told Laurent to report Renesmee as an immortal child. The cullens gather witnesses and so. At the confrontation,Laurent is about to be killed by Caius but Irina stops him and claims that she would die for him. Caius kills her in the end. Tanya and Kate are depressed. Then Kate fights Jane. Jane gets her arm torn off. Alc reattaches it and Aro gets angry. A fight breaks out, Kate is killed by Jane and Alec. Tanya gets annoyed. Edward then comforts her. Bella gets pissed off at this and kills Tanya with her newborn strength.Carmen and Eleazar sit out of the fight. Aro kills Edward. Bella gets annoyed and takes it out on Stefan and Vladimir; The romanians kill her.They then face Emmett and Jasper. Emmett is killed and Rosalie asks Carmen and Eleazar to kill her. They refuse. She then takes on the romanians who are trying to kill Jasper. Alice stalls Vladimir as Rosalie attacks Stefan. Vladimir kills Alice. Jasper, Peter and Charlotte flee to maria. they rejoin her coven as she is no longer creating newborns. Jasper convinced Peter,Charlotte and Maria to go vegetarian. They agree. Meanwhile,Nahuel arrives as a witness. Aro touches him during the fight. Aro sees Nahuel is a venoumous hybrid. Aro orders Demetri and felix to kill Nahuel. They do so.Aro then sends some of the guard to deal with Joham. They do that then return to Volterra.Rosalie,Carlisle and Esme kill the romanians. The Volturi are pleased with this and leave,all except Felix, who attempts to kill Renesmee. Jacob tries to save renesmee but Renesmee dies in the process. Felix returns to the Volturi. Carlisle,Esme,Carmen and Eleazar leave to track down Jasper. They find him in Maria's coven and decide to stay with them as they are vegetarian. All witnesses leave.Rosalie leaves with the Irish coven as she has nowhere to go. The Volturi,the witnesses and Maria's coven live in peace. Victoria is still alive killing people but is happy she has gotten her revenge finally. She then creates Riley and they start a coven including Bree,Fred,Diego and some other newborns.The end.

Bella tells Edward to take a hike and does it with Jakey. :]

Jacob gets bitten by Bella and no one care

Bella still gets married. She still gets pregnant but, when the Volturi arrive they are not very happy and insist on killing the spawn of Edward and Bella. In the battle that follows a few people lose their lives including Jasper and yes, Jacob. His death is part of a sacrifice for both Bella and her child. Her father never discovers her Vampire-ness and she must fake her death so that he is safe, after all losing a fight has only made the Volturi angrier and has not made the Cullens safe at all. Upset on the death of her best friend and fearing the safety of her child, Bella convinces the Cullens to leave Forks and head some where new. However, on their journey, the Volturi catch up with them and Bella uses her anti-climatic shield power to protect Edward and the baby (Who turns out to be male in this ending). However, forgetting to use the shield on herself she is tortured by the Volturi's weird pain making power. On the brink of death, the wolf pack arrive to avenge Jacob and show that there is no hatred between Vampire and Werewolf or at least between these two specific groups. Knowing that they can never return to Forks, the clan say farewell to the wolves and go find somewhere new to live. A flash forward shows that their child (who is a boy named Jacob) only grows to a teenager and that Bella is constantly looking at local news reports in Forks and Florida to wait for the news of the death of her parents. In the closing passage Bella says how, although she still deeply loves Edward, she regrets meeting him, and thinks of how life would be if she were just a boring, uninteresting human.

Everything in Breaking Dawn happens then Renesmee rejects Jacob 7 years later

Renesmee suddenly becomes venomous and accidentally kills Jacob

Renesmee rejects Jacob and runs of with nauhel

Jacob commits suicide because Renesmee rejected him

Feel free to keep the list going!
Renesmee find out that Jacob made out with her mum and is totally pissed

Nothing in the book happened. What really happened was that Vampire Bella moved to Vampire Forks to live with her Vampire father, Charlie Swan. The next day Vampire Bella went to Vampire school and registered herself in Vampire classes. At lunch while Vampire Bella’s sipping from her carton of whole blood, she notices a small group of kids sitting together at a table. They look strange to vampire Bella…they look healthy, have great skin tones…and most strangely they seem to actually be eating “human” food instead of pretending to eat it. Vampire Bella notices that the guy with the reddish hair is a hottie! Her vampire friend Jessica tells vampire Bella that the hottie’s name is Edward Cullen. Later vampire Bella is in vampire biology class. The hottie boy who was sitting with the strange group at lunch is now seated beside her. He avoids looking at Vampire Bella and quickly leaves when the bell rings. The hottie, Edward, doesn’t come back to school for a few days. Finally the hottie, Edward, shows up….so Vampire Bella approaches Edward, the hottie…but a van goes out of control…it almost hits Edward but vampire Bella brushes it away with her vampire strength. Hottie Edward is so thankful that he asks Vampire Bella to take a walk with him in the Forest of Forks. In the woods hottie Edward tells Vampire Bella to really look at him…and to cast aside ancient myths. Vampire Bella looks at hottie Edward and thinks to herself…his skin is NOT cold and pasty white like everyone elses…he has green eyes…his hair and fingernails appear to grow. Edward didn’t knock the van out of the way as it sped towards him. AND most importantly….this morning Edward had ‘morning breath,’ she could smell it a mile away. Suddenly vampire Bella looks at Edward in the middle of the forest and forces the unbelievable words from her mouth…”Edward…you’re human? But humans don’t exist.” Edward looked at Vampire Bella and said, “How did you figure it out?” Vampire Bella says, “Because this morning you had morning breath, and it was absolutely ghastly.” Vampire Bella said, “I thought humans were just a myth…that you guys actually never existed.” Hottie Edward said, “My entire family is human…we just keep it a secret. You have to promise me that you won’t tell anyone that we’re human.” Vampire Bella looked into Edward’s strange green eyes. Edward looked into Vampire Bella’s vibrant red eyes and asked, “I know that you’re thinking it, Bella…just what do we humans eat?” Vampire Bella felt sick to her stomach, she didn’t think she could confess it out loud. “Say it!” demanded Edward, “Say it aloud!” Vampire Bella placed her hands over her stomach suddenly nauseous…she didn’t know if she could say the word aloud. Edward again looked at Vampire Bella and demanded “Say it! What do humans eat?!” Bella swallowed and finally forced the word out of her mouth, “Cheeseburgers.”“Exactly!” Edward confessed. “I eat cheeseburgers!”

Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie, and Alice all move away after BD

Bella hates Edward because he tried to abort Renesmee but then as soon as she realises she goes into labour and has Renesmee, but she does not want to be a vampire any more because she hates Edward but as she did not get a chance to tell him he still changes her. She runs away with Renesmee to Charlie's house and tells him everything. The Voultri then go to the Cullen's house to kill her as she told a human and they think Bella is still there and they kill Emmett, Jasper and Edward. Then Alice, Carlisle, Esme and Rosalie run away and Bella follows with Renesmee and they go to live in Italy but first they kill the Voultri.Renesmee finds out that Edward wanted to abort her so she hates him and does not care that he is dead.

The cullens fight and everyone falls but Alice and Jasper and carlisle who is forced to watch esme fight demitri, carlisle threatens aro that he will kill himself if esme dies so she is brought to him and they are free to leave, they try to rebuild there life with missing pieces.

4 years after breaking dawn, edward and a grown up renesmee (who is about 5 or 4 years old) are driving in a car running away from home because a vicious vampire wants to kill renesmee. Renesmee is driving but loses control because she's angry. The car lands in a deep dark hole, since edward is a full vamp he is not hurt while renesmee suffers from serious injuries and slips into coma. Edward leaves renesmee in the deep, dark hole, knowing if he brings her home she wil be killed. Unknowing to the cullen's, the vicious vampire comes across Renesmee's scent and bites her. The bite revives renesmee and she wakes up remembering little about her family. Renesmee finds her way back to her family and once again the cullen family are in trouble with the Volturi. Because now renesmee is now a vampire, she is forever frozen at the apperance of a young woman, due to her fast aging before. Ths volturi are after renesmee because her age is four years old and the volturi think she is an immortal child. when the day nears closer, Renesmee is having problems with her imprint Jacob because one of the main reasons is because he stinks. Jacob is also having problem with Nessie as she is now a full vampire and is having difficulty accepting her as his imprintee. Edward is also learning that renesmee is not his little girl and is not as fragile as she used to be. When the Volturi come, they have an argument and in the end they created a new law; if any vampire hybrid is changed, they would not be considered as immortal children because they might have the appearance of a young adult but if they don't they will not be killed as long as they can control their thirst ( they already drank blood before so this might not be a problem). after the confrontation, Jacob confesses his love for Nessie amd proposes saying it doesn't matter what she is he will alwats love her. Jacob and Nessie go on honeymoon and come back and learns more about her family as some of the memories dissapeared when she was in coma. The Cullen's live happily ever after. The End. Hey guys! this story was written by Liv Clarence. Yes, I am the one that reviewed some of the Twilight fanfictions and also check out for my next in "Alternative endings to the series" i think. the story is about Jane getting pregnant with Edward and Bella's kid. Hoped you liked the story, Gotta Go! bye.

Whilst on a trip to somewhere or another, it explodes and the heat of it kills everyone...incuding the VAMPIRES.

Edward realises that Tanya is better for him and abandons a pregnant Bella. Jacob Seth and Leah come to protect Bella from the Rest of the pack. Jacob feels sexually attracted to her bump and Bella falls in love with Seth who is perfect in every wa for her. When Bella gives birth Jacob imprints, revealing why he was sexually attracted to Bella's bump. Edward leaves Tanya 10 years later and comes to find Bella, looking for forgiveness. He finds Jacob keeping Nessie as a sex slave and she likes it, and Bella is a hillbilly with 10 kids named EJ, Bob, Steve, Frank, Sherry, Kayla, Harry, Cletus, Sonja and Chive. Edward is heartbroken that he has been rejected and gives himself up for prostitution to wash away his feelings. He is so damn ttractive that he gets millions and can afford to make a 100% realistic version of Bella which he rapes everyday and then he falls into his log fire and dies he he

A dragon comes and kill the Volturi, eats the Romanians, and then leaves.

The Volturi try to confiscate Renesmee for bad parenting and Bella, Edward and the Romanians attack the Volturi (not Jacob 'cause he's told he can come with Renesmee 'cause he imprinted on her). Edward and the Romanians get killed, Bella is spared on the proviso that she joined them. She agrees, the Cullens join up as well, so do all the other witnesses (so long as they get to stay where they are already living) so the Volturi have mini branches all over the world, they send out whoever's closest to which case and Bella gets over Edward with the help of Felix - who later becomes her mate - Seth imprints on Jane, Tanya and Alec become mates, Leah imprints on Marcus who finds happiness with her and Embry imprints on Renata. Collin and Brady join Jacob's pack and imprint on Maggie and Senna, Zafrina and Alistair become mates, Kachiri and Nahuel become mates, Randall and Huilien get together, Mary and a new werewolf are together and lastly Demetri and Heidi fall in love. Everyone is happy.

No Renesmee. Jacob died. Bella wanted to marry Edward not for Sex but because she loves him.

Bella died during birth and Renesmee made it out. Edward goes to Volturi and he dies. Rosalie ends up looking after Renesmee and she is happy because she has a "child" but one problem: Jacob had imprinted. So Rosalie, Emmett take Renesmee and run away so Jacob doesn't get to see Renesmee because Rosalie hates Jacob. The other Cullens soon join Emmett & Rosalie and start a "new" life. Btw for Jacob Lovers: Jacob re-imprints on Lizzie.

Renesmee grows up to love jacob. she finds out jacob still loves her mom. nessie leaves jake to be with Seth and Jacob gets killed. everyone mourns his death until he says he lied about dying. everyone hates him again for lying to them. the end

The following alternate ending is based on Stephanie Meyer's written expression of Jacob's feelings when he is talking to Bella: "If you think that imprinting could ever make sense of this insanity… Do you really think that just because I might someday imprint on some stranger it would make this right? Tell me what the point was then, Bella! What was the point of me loving you? What was the point of you loving him? When you die, how is that ever right again? What’s the point to all the pain? Mine, yours, his! You’ll kill him, too, not that I care about that. So what was the point of your twisted love story, in the end? If there is any sense, please show me, Bella, because I don’t see it." My hope, through this alternate ending, would be to make Jacob (and Edward) understand more deeply the power of such a seemingly "twisted love story," in contrast to Meyer's arguably overly happy ending. So, here it goes...All the events of Breaking Dawn happen, up to immediately before Jacob imprints on Renesmee (Chapter 18, ending with the phrase "The murderer stared past Rosalie’s shoulder at me, its gaze more focused than any newborn creature’s gaze should be. Warm brown eyes, the color of milk chocolate—the exact same color that Bella’s had been").Though, instead of killing Renesmee or imprinting on her, he becomes transfixed by how similar Renesmee's eyes are to Bella's, and as he stares into Renesmee's eyes he "sees" Bella and can't bring himself to kill the baby. Jacob runs out of the Cullen house and phases in the same way he ran out of his own house when he received Edward and Bella's wedding invitation at the end of "Eclipse."As it turns out, Bella dies prior to Edward's venom reaches her heart. So, the rest of the book alternates between the points-of-view of Edward and Jacob. Edward mourns the loss of Bella and wishes nothing more than to be killed himself, as he sits alone and silent in the house for weeks (minus hunting, of course, which he does minimally and unsuccessfully being distracted and distraught). Meanwhile, no one in Forks has seen Jacob for weeks. Neither Seth nor Leah can hear Jacob either, as he has supposedly made his own "pack" again by leaving town. Edward attempts to escape to Italy to be killed by the Volturi, but Alice envisions his plans before he can leave, and Carlisle stops Edward at the airport just in time, pleading with Edward that as much as Edward cannot bear his own pain, it would be wrong to leave Renesmee without either of her parents. Edward senses a stronger connection with Carlisle than ever before, sensing Carlisle's sincere imparting of paternal wisdom onto Edward. However, returning to Forks and seeing Renesmee angers him once again, and he aims to make plans to die in a way that won't involve going to the Volturi.Jacob returns to Forks (I'll allow some flexibility in Jacob's story about what he does and thinks about while he's away), knowing that his disappearance pains not only Billy, but also the tribe. He would also like to comfort Charlie, given Charlie's fondness of him and understanding Charlie's need for support in planning Bella's funeral (It turns out Carlisle fixes up Bella's body she gave birth to make it appear as if she died from some mysterious internal parasite/infection/disease). Upon returning to Forks, Jacob refuses to talk with any of the pack members (including Seth and Leah). Yet, as Jacob becomes more in tune with his human emotions (having been a wolf the past few months), he grieves constantly over Bella and is not able to sleep at night. With the news that Jacob is in town, Edward listens in to Jacob's thoughts late into the night, and hears Jacob's angry and bitter thoughts towards Edward. Edward sees this as a key opportunity to provoke Jacob to get Jacob to kill him (just as Jacob and Edward had agreed upon earlier in the book). Edward departs his house and brings Renesmee with him, hoping that Jacob (or another member of the pack) will kill her as well to save her the grief, when she gets older, of knowing that both her parents have died. Because it is a last-minute decision, Alice does not find out about Edward's plans -- also her mind is preoccupied with comforting Charlie and preparing for Bella's funeral.Edward hides Renesmee high up in a tree just inside the woods bordering Jacob's house. He keeps a vigilent watch on her by listening to her thoughts. Edward then arrives at Jacob's house in the middle of the night, and angers Jacob enough to draw him into the woods. Edward explains to Jacob that he will allow Jacob to kill him, but that he wants to talk with Jacob first. Edward explains to Jacob that he knows how much Jacob loved Bella, and that Jacob killing him and Edward dying is the best solution for both of them. Just prior to allowing Jacob to kill him, though, Edward hands Jacob Renesmee (wrapped in cloth, such that Jacob doesn't immediately recognize her) and asks him to kill the baby himself or give it to someone else in the pack. Right then and there, Sam's pack appears near Jacob, having sensed Renesmee while she was up in the tree. Seeing that Jacob is talking with Edward, and knowing that Edward would not dare come on Quileute land without asking for a death sentence, Sam correctly reads that Edward is asking Jacob to kill him, and Sam restrains the pack from doing anything unless Jacob asks for aid. Sam asks Jacob to hand Renesmee over to him, but Jacob once again looks into Renesmee's eyes and "sees" Bella in them. Wrought with emotion, Jacob hands Renesmee back to Edward and explains that he cannot kill him nor Renesmee. The reason Jacob cannot kill Edward is because he realizes that Bella would not have wanted him to, and knows that if he did so, it would have haunted his memory for the rest of his life -- though Jacob does not tell Edward anything and simply runs back to his house urging Edward to leave and telling Sam to leave Edward and Renesmee alone or else he would personally attack Sam and his pack until they were all dead.Edward, at a loss for words (and fearful for his life), takes Renesmee and immediately flees to the Cullen household, where Renesmee begins to cry. To avoid drawing attention to himself (and the fact that he left the house), Edward takes Renesmee out from the wrapped cloth and attempts to comfort her, having his first meaningful glance at Renesmee for the first time. At that time, Edward, too, is overcome with emotion as he looks into Renesmee's eyes and "sees" Bella, yet he also senses Bella's blood running boldly through Renesmee's body. Edward then realizes how deeply he loves Renesmee (in a fatherly/paternal way). Just then, Alice comes into the room and tells Edward of her vision: that the Volturi are coming to Forks to investigate whether Bella has actually been transformed. Alice has already informed Carlisle, who has made the decision that the family needs to leave Forks as soon as possible. The Cullens spend the rest of the night packing, and plan to temporarily meet up with the Denali clan in the interim before making more permanent plans about where to flee. Just before leaving, Edward overhears Alice begging Carlisle to stay at least one more day, so that they may be able to attend Bella's funeral (which is happening that morning) and so they can explain to the Volturi that although Bella had not been changed as Alice had envisioned, Renesmee is the perfect "substitute," as she carries both Bella's blood (which Aro himself found attractive) and the essence of a vampire. But Carlisle is persistent on leaving, saying that it would do Charlie more good to have the Volturi follow the Cullens out of Forks than to potentially put Forks in danger with the Volturi there just so the Cullens can attend Bella's funeral. Carlisle and Esme have also already prepared and sent a gift and their condolances, grieving not being able to attend the funeral due to a "family emergency." As the Cullen family leaves their home, they are all silent except for Renesmee who has started to cry again. The story then shifts back to Jacob, as Billy has woken him up to get ready for the funeral. The story then shifts back to Edward, holding Renesmee in his arms (to Rosalie's dismay), as he comforts her. Billy and Jacob arrive at Charlie's house to bring him to the funeral and Renesmee stops crying in Edward's arms just as dawn breaks the horizon.

Everything that happens in the book happens until the Volturi come and decide to kill Renesme because of her good looks. (The volturi are jealous) Bella uses her shield to shield everyone only it doesn't work on werewolves so all the werewolves die except Seth and Leah because they got the flu on the day of the fight. All the volturi die because the Cullens get RPG's and shoot at them. They are easy targets because the Volturi have just been eating vampire icy-poles (Frozen human blood) and are frozen. Bella, Edward and Renesmee live happily ever after and nothing bad ever happens to them except Bella trips over a mouse and squashes it, which is fine because they all have mouse blood for dinner that night. No-one bothers to hold a funeral for Jacob because it turns out no-one really liked him. Bella hates him because he gets her in trouble too many times and Bella admits that she never really liked him, and was only friends with him for her father's sake. Charlie learns how awful he was to Bella and then he hates him to. THE END!!!! :P

Rosalie falls for Jacob. Emmett falls for Leah. Renesmee gets with Nahuel and they conceive a child named emma, because that's what rosalie always wanted to name her child.

Renesmee wants to be single forever. This breaks jacob's heart and he's about to turn into a wolf from angriness but he explodes into small chances and all the vampires start drinking his blood because it tastes so good. None of the werewolves are sad that Jacob is dead because he annoyed them all with his thoughts of bella.

Jacob loves renesmee, renesme loves seth , seth loves bella, bella loves edward , edward loves tanya, tanya loves carlisle, carlisle loves esme, esme loves charlie,charlie loves renee and renee loves phil but phil's never really loved anyone(no one loves each other back that could lead to a very un happy life for everyone)

Bella dies before Edward changes her and Edward has to bring up Renesmee himself with the help of Jacob, who has imprinted on Renesmee. Edward and Jacob become good friends.

They reconcile and decide to have an orgy.

Victoria and Riley survive through Eclipse to Breaking Dawn. Victoria tells Riley about her revenge becuase of James. He is shocked that she used him,but stays with her becuase he loves her. Victoria is touched and falls in love with Riley. They decide to tell the Volturi that they know Renesmee is not an imortal child. The Volturi send for Irina and she is executed. Then Victoria and Riley leave Voltera. Edward decides that they should all move somewhere far from Forks and they do. They accidently run into Victoria and Riley. Edward attacks Victoria and is about to kill her when he sees Riley strangling Bella.(The others went to see the Denalies) Riley says he will kill Bella if Edward doesn't let Victoria go. Edward smiles and snaps Victoria's neck. Victoria falls lifeless to the ground. Riley sets Bella on fire and kills Edward. In fury he kills 16 humans and brings 3 more alive ones back to Victoria who is regenerating. She lies on the ground in agony. He feeds her human blood by cutting open their necks, holding them above her, and letting the blood fall into her mouth. Victoria heals and her and Riley continue to live there. Through Victoria's death-back-to-life experience, she is able to have children again. Her and Riley are married and have a duaghter named Erica,who has fiery red hair,green/red eyes, and her dad's skin tone. She is beautiful. When she gets older she goes her own way and mates with Fred. Victoria then loses her ability to have children becuase she could only have one. Her and Riley are still a very active couple. They mate repeatedly and play hide and seek like Victoria and James did. The End.

Bella never moves to Forks.

Jane finds an immortal child, she keeps and raises him as her own.

Everyone dies except for Jane. :3

Upon realizing that Renesmee is harmless and unique the Volturi decide they wish to acquire her, Jacob angrily lunges forward and is killed by Aro. Renesmee is deeply torn but Aro says he will pardon all that has happened here if he is allowed to keep the hybrid. A tentative agreement is made, though Edward and Bella plan to take her back one day.

The Vampires get ripped to pieces and have to live with missing body parts. Renesmee takes care of her disabled vampire family and gets married to Jake, who lost an eyeball. (the reason why they are disabled is because their body parts got burned or fell into the crack in the ground.)

INCEPTION! Bella was asleep and none of this ever happened ! dundundun!!!!

Bella turn into vampire, saw Damon Salvatore, falls in love.. Leaves Edward and Renesmee, becomes Damon's partner so that Damon can forget about Elena.. Confuse?

The Vision was actually real!

The Cullen's, the witnesses , & the wolf pack have an orgy with the volturi :D

alec and jane decided to join the volturi, the volturi get angry and the war started, but with alec and jane on the cullens' side, the cullens' won. since both jane and alec are young, rosalie treats them as her children

it was all just a dream. Bella never did moved to forks. instead, i was the one who moved there and lived happily with edward

Bella wakes up in a mental hospital and everybody convinces her it was just a dream and she is mad and unfit for society but she sees edward outside from the window sparkling but she blinks HES GONE DUN DUN DUN!!!!

Bella (immortal), edward and alice join the Volturi and live in Volterra after renesme is born but irina never accuses them of having an illegal child (not really illegal), 10 years later the Volturi come acros Jacob and Renesme on St. Marcus Day and invite then to live with then. Jacob was already changed and is both werewolf and vampire, he does hunt for animal, human blood and eats like a dog would! Its all happy

After the last line in Breaking Dawn, Bella wakes up in a hospital. Charlie, who was sitting in a chair next to her hospital bed, tells her that she did get hit by Tyler's van and she had been in a coma for three years since then. The Cullens, who were normal humans, moved back to Alaska a year after she fell into the coma. Jacob and the rest of the wolf pack are still human.

during the volturi visit Jane And Alec kill edward and Renesmee&Bella live

Bella wakes up in her mom's home in Pheonix and it turns out that the entire twilight seris was just a dream. None of it ever happened.

Years later after the events of Breaking Dawn, Renesmee is all grown up, much to the delight of Jacob. Jacob, having loved Renesmee for her entire life, begins to have romantic feelings for her. Renesmee, aware of Jacob's advances, rejects them, which leaves Jacob heartbroken. The two remain the best of friends, regardless of the rejection. Renesmee, wanting to know more about the world of her kind, decides to visit Volterra unbeknownst to her overprotective family. There, she meets the Volturi, whom she remembers since they'd tried to kill her. Renesmee falls for a member of the guard, Alec, which infuriates Jane and the Cullens, who by then knew Renesmee's whereabouts. A fight breaks out between the Cullens and the Volturi. Carlisle, Bella, Jasper, Caius, Chelsea and Felix dies. The ending of the story proves that perfection can be marred by the inevitable.

Renesmee decides that Jacob isn't the one for her when she is grown up. Jacob gets mad and accidentally murders her. It turns out the Cullens had always disliked Renesmee for being too beautiful and intelligent. The Cullens laugh and pretend to be sad for the sake of their reputation. Jacob, pissed, runs off, finds himself in Volterra and kills the Volturi during his hissy fits. The Cullens then kill Jacob and run off to the sunset.

Bella dies after she eats spoiled blood. Edward shoots his family with a bazooka and becomes a male stripper.

Bella has twins and dies.When she dies edward aand jacob take care of the twins that look exactly like Bella both girls and do them in the butt.

Alice tiene una visio donde ve que toda su familia muere si no se une a a Los Volturi y ella decide hacerlo

belle never jumps of the cliff and lives happily with Jacob. they have a child and live happily ever after...

Bella falls in love with Aro and they have loads of kids and kill the italiens

Emmett prediction is correct and edward and bella destroy the tiny cottage during um.. er.. well..... you know what I mean! Killing Renesmee and they commit suicid ebecause of the grief

Surveillance satellites spot the meeting in the plain, vampires are misidentified as aliens, and X-Com is called in. The mission is successful, but many rookies die that day. Like usual.

after Edward sees Bella hunt for the first time, he divorces her and leaves Nessie with her. then bella goes to jacob and he imprints on her. then she finds out that the volturi is after her so she tortures Edward with Jane's power and they convinced the volturi that Nessie isn't a immortal child and kills Edward for breaking her heart. then she tortures the weakest cullen by let them go hungry until they know not to tell anyone. then Bella lives with the werewolves with her half vampire and half human daughter and vampire self and lives happily ever after the end.

Everything happens but at the end before Alice comes Jacob strips of his clothes and Bella's and does it with her and renesmee is pissed and she goes makes out with her dad Edward and aro makes out with esme and jane with Carlisle and Jacob unimprints on renesmee and imprints on Bella and they have sex

Alice and Jasper don't return, therefore, The Volturi kill all the witnesses and most of the Cullen family ( except Esme and Rosalie who escape ), and take Bella as a hostage. Jacob and Renesmee manage to escape along with the false documents to cover their true identities. Meanwhile, Esme and Rose take short time to mourn and then begin to seek revenge, without help from anyone else. Bella ends up under Aro's spell and falls in love with him, they begin seducing each other on a regular basis, Aro goes insane and ends up starting a massacre in Volterra, killing every resident and also killing most of the Volturi guard and rapes Bella, Jane, Sulpicia, Athenodora and all the other women, and all that are left of the Volturi are Aro, Caius, Marcus and the newly inducted Bella, who breaks out of Aro's spell and ends the Volturi. Bella is reunited with the rest of her family and Jacob, they no longer live in fear and " lived happily ever after.. forever " **End Credits**

renesmee grows up and ends up marrying jacob. the cullents except bella and edward go against them

renesmee who became half vampire after marrying jacob gives birth to an immortal child knowing they are breaking the law of vampires.renesmee being a daughter tells everything to bella.bella talks to all the cullens . volturi gets informed about the immortal child of renessmee. and therefore a fight has been held. most of the vampires die except volturi and some other vampires..being afraid of death volturi and others run away and promises to take revenge.after som years volturi to take revenge trys to rape renesmee but jacob saves her and the volturi is killed by all the cullens and therefore edward takes the place instead of volturi

They end the moive by having the sun break over the clouds with Edward and Bella in the front along the other Cullen's and Jacob and Renesmee.

everything that happened happened and the world moves on and accepts that twilight is done and it ended happy

Everything happens in all the movies Renesmee grows up and falls in love with Jacob...and he with her. Jacob and Renesmee move to Arizona. There, Renesmee becomes a true vegetarian. They have three children. Nobody knows where Jacob and Renesmee really are...or anything about their children. Aro returns fifty years later to confront the Cullens again. Aro has bred hybrids of his own using artificial insemenation to create gifted hybrids using his own, Demetyri, Alec and Felix's sperm with human women. Alice gets wind of this and warns the Cullen Coven. They ALL meet again...but this time, Bella stays hidden behind so that she can use her power without anyone interupting her. Just as the Volturi attack, Zafrina blinds them all. The Volturi tries to use Alec and Jane's powers, but Bella is stopping them. Benjamin uses his power and burns most all of the Volturi to cinders. The few Volturi left, swear their allegiance to Carlisle. The Romanian coven is so happy that they hug and kiss each other and decide to get married when marriage is legal for them. Carlisle and the rest of the Olympic Coven are now in charge. All the vampires left hold an elaborate ceremony where they crown Carlisle and Esme King and Queen of the Vampires. As one of King Carlisle's first rulings, he makes it illiegal to kill humans and now all vampires have to drink animal blood instead of human blood. This really makes the human drinkers angry....but there's nothing they can do about it because the most gifted vampries such as Bella, Edward, Alice, Jasper, Benjamin, Zafrina, and Kate are on King Carlisle's side and are also working as his royal guard. Now the Cullen Coven is in complete control of all vampires. Demitri is one of the few Volturi that lived...he changes and becomes more humane and caring after years of drinking animal blood. Demetri volunteers to take Edward and Bella to Jake and Renesmee. Then they all live happily ever after.

When Bella becomes a vampire she can control her shield and when she lowers it Jacob imprints on her. Seth imprints on Renesmee. Leah imprints on Edward because only a vampire can get her pregnant. Leah didnt imprint on Edward before because Bella was shielding him subconsciously.

When Renesmee was born, she enchanted everyone. Edward, Bella, and the Cullens lived happily for the first few years, but always worrying about how alarmingly fast Renesmee would grow. Carlisle suggested taking Renesmee to an ancient vampire in Europe, who is the very first vampire in the history of mankind. Raoul was his name, and he lived in the catatombs of Paris avoiding the contact of humans and surviving on rats. By the time the Cullens and Jacob arrived in the catatombs, Raoul is shocked and grief-stricken at the sight of Renesmee. “Abomination!” he cried, as he noticed Renesmee’s heartbeat and vampire complexity. In an ensuing fight, Raoul could easily overthrow Emmett and threaten everyone to leave. Back in the hotel, Edward told the group that Raoul’s mind could not be read, and Jasper could not control the ancient immortal’s rage. Bella, worried about Renesmee’s impending growth, decided to enter the catatombs one more time. Back in the catatombs, Bella brought Raoul a bag of human blood from the hospital as a gift. As the ancient one drank greedily, he finally revealed the creation of vampire race. His pregnant mother was bit by a crystal-silver snake, and she gave birth to a stillborn. In the process of burying the dead baby, his father cut himself from a thorn bush, and his blood fell on the baby’s lips. The blood is enough to awaken the dead baby and he proceeds to bit his father. That vampire baby is Raoul, and his father turned into a vampire, named Aro. “The flesh of vampire and human were not meant to be mixed.” Raoul stated. He showed Bella that like Renesmee, he too had a heartbeat, and that has deadly consequences; his blood is more irresistable than a human, but a poison to any vampire who drank it. It was why he hid out from the world, and why the Volturi exiled him. He warned Bella that Renesmee must never shed blood, as Renesmee, like him, is a product of human and vampire. But before Bella could deliver this news, the Volturi learnt of the Cullen’s visit to the ancient one, and they brought armed guards, including Jane and Alec. The Cullens spread out in an attempt to outrun their pursuers, but Jane caught Esme and Jasper, and the guards proceed to kill them. The remaining Cullens regrouped in Belgium, mourning their loss and separated from Bella. Jacob suggests they hide out, but Edward told him Felix would find them wherever they are. But there is hope; Felix never met Jacob or Renesmee, and the two of them could hide while the Cullens act as bait. The plan is successful, and the Cullens were captured. Jane announced they would be tortured as punishments, but before she could proceed, Bella appeared with Raoul, and she extended her shield to protect her family. A fight ensued, and the Cullens were beaten by Alec’s powers. Jacob and Renesmee appeared to help, but Alec too subdued them. Renesmee cut her hand as she fell, shedding blood and turning the whole vampire into frenzy. Only Bella and Raoul were unaffected by Alec’s powers or the blood frenzy, so she took Renesmee and escape, leaving Raoul to behead Alec and stop the others from killing. Jane, in rage from her twin’s death, tried to use her powers on Raoul, but to no avail. Raoul then threatened Jane to send a message to Aro; “Your army does not represent justice for the vampires, father. It is cruelty. Restrict them from hurting each other or the humans, but let them have their happiness. Do not continue this tyranny, or else.” And so the Volturi backed off, rarely seen again outside their castles. The Cullens lived happily for many years afterwards, and Raoul spend his days travelling around the world, spreading justice and wisdom that the Volturi lacked for milennia.

When Jake realises he has imprinted on Nessie, he hates himself for it. He still thinks he loves Bella and goes on another one of those wolf living sprees again. While being a wolf for about a week he has time to think, and decides to kill Renesmee as muchpain as he knows it will put Himself and the cullens through.. . He transforms into a human again and acts ally nice...then when he has Nessie alone ... BAM! He kills her. He is in so much pains that he tells Bella. Furious with him, Bella kills him. Ashamed withy herself, she tells the rest of the Cullens what has happened. When the Volturi comes, Bella sacrifices herself, but the Volturi won't kill her. So she does another Edward trick and goes out to show the world what she really is. The cullens end up killing her. Edward kills the Cyllens when he finds out(he was on a hunting trip with Emmett and Rose). Then it ends with all the vampires in the world having a war a and only acouple of vampires I in existence. The vampires living include Aro, Aliceand Jasper... Then Didyme comes back to lifeand gives Rays of happiness around the world, causing worlds peace and humans, vampire so and werewolves living peacefully together knowing of each other's existence. Ado and Didyme turn into vegetarians vampres and they all live happily evr after

During the Volturi confrontation, a fight starts and the Volturi lose. Demetri is the only member of the Volturi who survives and he rejoins the Egyptian coven. The Cullens become the new leaders of the vampires and they make a rule that every vampire has to be a vegetarian. However, the members of the Romanian coven don't want to become vegetarians and soon they make their coven bigger and try to overthrow the Cullens but they fail. The Cullens decide to live in Volterra and Jacob Black comes with them. The other shapeshifters stop shaping after the Cullens leave but Jacob doesn't because he's still with vampires.

After the confrontation, Aro turns to Bella and says, "You can't run from it for long. Sooner or later, you'll have to wake up." Bella isn't sure what this means at first, and just goes on with her life. Then, after a few days of living a perfect life, Bella starts to realize what Aro meant. Bella is actually a mental patient living in an insane asylum. After the death of her husband, she retreated into herself because she couldn't face reality. Bella reveals this to Edward, only for Edward to lock her in their house. Bella manages to escape with the help of Leah, and she races off to Italy. She meets Aro, and asks him how to return to the real world. Aro tells Bella that all she has to do is accept that what happened happened, but Bella still can't let go of her husband's death. Edward catches up with Bella, and tells her not to listen to Aro. Edward tells Bella that Aro is just messing with her head, and that everything has been real all along. Bella ends up going with Edward back to their home, while Aro watches tearfully. Aro accepts that Bella will never wake up. With that, Aro suddenly finds himself in the asylum. Three years ago, Aro's daughter Bella was hit with a van, and went into a coma. Not willing to face the reality of the event, Aro retracted into his own mind. But, when he accepted that Bella will never wake up, he was able to escape from his mental prison and return to the real world. His wife, Sulpicia, is overjoyed to see him again after so long.

Meyer reveals that this entire series was a project in satire.

The battle and crap happen, but seven years later Renesmee finds out she was imprinted on and runs away to the volturi to fall in love with an 18 year old Alec ;) only for her to become pregnant so they can make more movies about what happens to that poor child.

The Volturi still wanna kill the Cullens but make a truce that the child will live if they get one Cullen member on their side. They choose Bella since Alice isn't present (cause she predicted Aro would choose her if she was there and din't show up). Bella lives in the Volturi and finds out about Didyme. She talks to Aro about it and he threatens that if she tell the other Volturi members Nessie won't live another day. Bella grudgingly agrees and then finds out who Aro truly is (the fact that he isn't the sadistic killer everyone thought he was and feels remorse for what he did to Didyme) and starts to befriend him. Aro starts to befriend Bella due to the fact that she truly wants to be his friend out of real emotion (not just under Corin's influence). The both become good friends but that relationship is cut off when Aro finds out that someone (as in Jane and Sulpicia (who found out by finding Didyme's body which was the perfect cover up) who were jealous of Aro's affection for Bella since they both want revenge on Aro for not showing them the same level of affection) told Marcus about Didyme's killer. A huge fight breaks out between the leaders in which Aro tells Marcus that he truly is sorry about her death and reveals that he never burned her body and just hid it so that she could actually be put back together. Marcus uses his gift somehow to find out that Aro truly does feel remorse. Marcus forgives him and both put her back together. But Aro is still angry and blames Bella and exiles her from Volterra (Since he doesn't want to kill her due to the fact that she's one of the only people who truly learned to care for him). He (along with Jane and Sulpicia for different reasons) say that she has been disloyal to the Volturi coven since she "threatened to overthrow the leaders". Bella is cast out and she plans to hurry home but gets captured by the Romanians (they assume that she is completely loyal to the Volturi and try to kill her since she is one of their most powerful beings.) They end up not killing her however because she manages to kill them (she learned some fighting tricks from Felix) and runs off to her family. A Volturi member witnesses the first half of this and thinks that Bella is actually dead and runs to tell the rest of his coven. All of them rejoice (since they hated the fact of her killing the leaders) except for Aro, though still thinks Bella told the leaders and is still partially angry yet feels a slight sadness towards this. Meanwhile, Bella is completely oblivious to this and goes home to live with her family. This does not have a happy ending I'm sorry.

The fight happens. The Volturi die and only Demetri survives and joins the Cullen's. Jacob unfortunately dies but the Cullen's don't care a bit. 17 years later, the Cullen's are rulers of the vamire world, Renesmee decided to change into full vampire and she is Demetri's mate, also a Cullen. Tanya is with Alistair who changed his diet. Stefan and Vladimir revealed they are mates. Maggie ended up with Zafrina while Kachiri was with Senna.

The battle happens. Everyone dies except the Cullen family. Everyone has lost a bod part

Aro manages to persuade the witnesses and the Cullen's that shape-shifters are dangerous. The pack gets massacred. the witnesses leave. Unfortunately, Jacob kills Renesmee as a revenge for the Cullen's don't help them. After they bury her, the Volturi visit to apologize and tthey have an orgy.

Bella died giving birth to Renesmee. Edward kills it and Rosalie fights with him, leading to her own death. Emmett kills Edward and gets killed by Leah who imprinted on Edward. Leah gets killed by Alice, who she gets killed by Seth. Jasper kills Seth and Jacob kills him. Esme kills Jacob and together with Carlisle they leave to join the Volturi. The Volturi return to Forks and they wipe out all the reservation of the Quiletes

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