Lonnie (born Alonzo Calderas Wallace) is a serial rapist and murderer who tries to assault Bella Swan with his group when they ran into her in Port Angeles. His Life and Death counterpart is a gangly woman with dyed black hair.


Early lifeEdit

Lonnie had brutally raped and murdered young women, and subsequently had been evading the authorities due to him being on their wanted list.


Main article: Twilight

While in Port Angeles, he comes across Bella Swan and tries to attack her with some other men while intoxicated in a deserted alley. This is prevented when Edward Cullen came to her rescue.

Midnight SunEdit

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Not wanting any more people to get hurt by Lonnie, Edward consols in Carlisle Cullen, who tracked down and knocked out Lonnie before taking him to the authorities in Portland, Oregon. According to the news, Lonnie is going to be extradited to either Oklahoma or Texas, with Edward hoping for the latter due to the popularity of the death penalty.

New MoonEdit

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In New Moon, Bella mistakes someone else for Lonnie when she goes back to Port Angeles with Jessica Stanley for a girls' night out.

Physical appearanceEdit

He has black hair and a beard.


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