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{{Actor infobox
#REDIRECT [[Minor actors#Faulkner, Ali]]
|image = [[File:Breaking-dawn-cast-red-carpet-11152011-27-430x639-ali faulkner.jpg|250px]]
|name = Ali Faulkner
|gender = Female
|height = 5'6"
|hair = Blonde
|eyes = Green
|hideg =
||sagarole = [[Bianca]]}}
'''Ali Faulkner''' is an actress who will play [[Bianca]], a secretary to the [[Volturi]] in ''[[Breaking Dawn (films)|Breaking Dawn - Part 1]]''.
Faulkner grew up in West Plains, Missouri, but later moved to Dallas to earn a BA in Communications. Her professional career began when she played the leading role of Yonah at the Lucrative Theatre Three of Dallas in the musical ''Children of Eden''. Her performance won her the excitement of critics, lending her the eyes and ears of the film industry. Faulkner's progress has extended past Texas into other regional markets, as well as Los Angeles.
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*{{IMDb name|3137126}}
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