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  • Red
  • Black (when thirsty)
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Special abilities

Mental invisibility


Volturi guard



Afton is a member of the Volturi guard. He has the gift to make himself invisible to his enemies. His mate, Chelsea, showing a more valued gift, is the only justification for his presence in the guard.


Early life

Afton joined the Volturi when he became Chelsea's mate. She then demanded that the coven have him added since he wasn't gifted enough to earn a place within the coven on his own merits. Because Chelsea's power was the key to the coven's co-existence, order and success throughout the centuries, Aro always gave her what she wanted, and so Afton was kept throughout the centuries.

Breaking Dawn


The Volturi arrives.

In Breaking Dawn when the vampire Irina reports to the Volturi about the creation of an immortal child in the Cullen family, the entire coven is ordered to travel to Forks to punish the family for such crime. It is therefore doubtless that Afton is present during the confrontation.

Powers and abilities: mental invisibility

Main article: Mental invisibility

Afton's gift is to make himself mentally invisible to his pursuers. Someone who hides behind him will also be invisible. However, his power is much more limited than most of the other Volturi guard's gifts; any person with enough focus can easily see through his "shield" and he can only make himself invisible.

Since this power works on a mental basis, it can be rendered impotent by Bella Swan's mental shield.

The type and strength of his gift wasn't revealed until the publication of The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide.



Chelsea is Afton's mate, recruited by Aro a long time ago as a means to bind other vampires to the Volturi. Chelsea's powerful gift makes her a prominent member of the coven, which is why she is kept around. She enjoys using this position to get what she wants, and Afton is kept within the Volturi for this reason.


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