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Addictive contentment

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"Corin is able to make anyone feel content in his or her circumstances. There is a druglike side effect to her skill, however. A person can become addicted to the feeling she produces, and be unable to feel well without it."
―Entry on Corin's gift[src]

Addictive contentment is Corin's power to make a person feel content about his or her situation.


Anyone who gets exposed to this power will feel content, and even happy, with his or her situation; however, those who are exposed to this gift for a long period of time may begin to feel uneasy without it.

Corin uses this ability to keep the Volturi wives, Sulpicia and Athenodora, happy while being trapped in their castle tower. Aro also makes her use this gift on Chelsea to prevent her from leaving the Volturi. Though Marcus has refused to let Corin relieve his pain of Didyme's loss, Caius frequently uses her gift to mitigate his boredom between battles and punishing expeditions.

Similar abilities

  • Didyme's ability to induce happiness worked wonders to those around her since her power made someone truly happy. Also, her power did not have an addictive effect like Corin's.
  • 180px-Jasper-418328 429620800414485 412720940 n

    Jasper Hale

    Jasper Hale's ability to control emotions is quite similar to hers, though he can influence them in any way he pleases. Though his power is useful, it only lasts for as long as he is around his targets.

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