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Show your love for the Twilight Saga, and this wiki by working to collect award badges for your user page. There are 12 award badges available, see below for how to get yours!


Simply follow these steps to earn your awards:

  • Complete the requirements for an award
  • Post your user name, and the award you wish to receive to the Discussion page
  • We will double check that all requirements have been met, and post the award's badge to your user page!

badge requirements
Twilight redribbon 75x75
Beautiful User Page Award
Make sure your user page is built and beautiful with pictures, links, and a little bit about yourself. Make sure to leave a note on the Discussion page so we can give you your award!
Twilight apple 75x75
Teacher's Pet Award
Clean up spam, correct spelling errors, and make the wiki a clean and happy space. Once you've done that, post to the Discussion page and let us reward you for your help!
Twilight chess 75x75-1
Creating New Life Award
Start and fill out at least 2 completely NEW pages, then post to the Discussion page to let us know and get your award badge.
Twilight 1flower 75x75
Friendship Award
Invite a friend to help with the wiki, each friend you add will add a flower to your friendship bouquet. Remember to post your friends' user names to the Discussion page so you get credit for inviting them.
Twilight completedsaga cullen 300x75-1
Completed Saga Award
Once you've received all 4 of these award badges, you'll be eligible to receive a Completed Saga Award. All you have to do is let us know on the Discussion page if you want to be a Cullen, Volturi, or Wolf, and we'll add the crest to your home page.

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