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July 16, 2010
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Twilight manga jacob

The only cool character in Twilight, Jacob Black

About me

PeopleMagJakeBike This user is on Team Jacob.

Being Jacob Black: Anyone that likes Jacob needs to read this.

Ness gifHi...uh...stuff about me? Well I'm a huge gamer. I especially love Nintendo, but I'm no fanboy (PS3 and 360 are cool too). I also like anime and manga a lot. Also (unlike most Twilight fans) I'm a guy.

I guess I'm TEAM JACOB. I'm still not 100% sure what being on a team means but, Jacob's my favorite character so why not? :)

Me and Twilight Saga:

Well...when I first heard about it, I heard it was really popular with mainstream people. But at the same time, people on the internet thought otherwise. They said it was terrible. Since I hang out on the internet a lot, I thought nothing of it. Then New Moon came out, and everyone at my school was obsessing over this Taylor Lautner guy and how hot he was. It became really annoying so I ended up turning my head from Twilight even more. But just recently, Twilight started playing on Showtime. When it came on I thought "Oh god, it's that Twilight thing." But I'm a very curious person, so I left it on while I surfed the web. I wasn't paying full attention to the movie, but I caught bits and pieces of it enough to get the gist of what's going on. I thought to myself "Oh my god, I'm watching Twilight. Someone help me!!" But to be honest, it didn't seem all that bad. Later, I watched it again, paying closer attention. It perked my interest enough to wanna watch New Moon. I watched New Moon, but didn't enjoy it was much as Twilight.
Twilight manga wolf jacob

Wolf Jacob and Bella

In fact, New Moon kind of sucked. Twilight had a decent plot, but lacked an awesome character. New Moon had an awesome character, but lacked a decent plot. And plots are more important. Finally, I decided to go ahead and embarrass myself by going to see Eclipse (along with The Last Airbender). I saw TLA first and it was terrible, TERRIBLE. Then I saw Eclipse and, I hate to admit it, but I liked it a lot. Eclipse had an awesome plot AND awesome characters. Not to mention it had violence, sweet sweet violence. :) Maybe I liked it so much because it was good in comparison to TLA. *shrug* Anyway, it sparked my interest enough to want to actually read the books, and see the differences between them. I've read all four and I do believe that they're better than the movies. I said I didn't like the New Moon film, but the book is great. Then it occured to me, I must REALLY like Twilight if I'm more than willing to read the books (because I never read). And it's embarrassing because I'm a guy, guys don't typically like Twilight, especially guys like me (gamers). I haven't even told my friends that I like Twilight yet, they'd probably think I'm gay. I didn't want to get into Twilight, I really didn't. I remember telling myself that I'd watch the first movie, maybe the second, and be done with it. I also promised myself that I sure as hell would never read the books. Now look at me, I read all four books, saw the movies multiple times, I'm going on Twilight fansites, and claiming that I'm Team Jacob. So yeah, I'm officially an ashamed Twilight fan...

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Favorite Characters (the ONLY characters I like)


Numbah Won!

1. Jacob Black

2. Seth Clearwater

3. Alice Cullen

4. Quil Ateara and Embry Call (equally)

5. Emmett Cullen

6. Jasper Cullen

7. Carlisle Cullen

8. Paul

Favorite Twilight Moments

Bella e Jacob 1

Numbah Won!

1. Jacob and Bella officially kiss - Eclipse

2. Edward/Seth vs Victoria/Riley - Eclipse

3. Newborn Army Fight - Eclipse

4. Tent Scene - Eclipse

5. Bella rejects Jacob and cries about it - Eclipse

6. Cullen Family Training - Eclipse

7. Bella meets the wolf pack - New Moon

8. Jacob's attempts to win Bella over - Eclipse

9. Cullens play baseball - Twilight

10. Bella, Jacob, and Mike go to the movies - New Moon

Things I like about Twilight Saga

Jacob Black

Thumb-Jacob Black
My favorite character and a key reason to why I like The Twilight Saga in the first place. He's strong, funny, couragous, and just plain awesome. Plus, he actually has a personality. He has lots of personalities really, out of all the characters in Twilight, I believe Jacob changed and grew up the most from start to finish. At first he was just a happy and carefree kid. Then he became more responsible, brave, and gradually bitter but still kind of happy. But then, all that happiness is torn to shreds when he loses Bella. Jacob's a good and caring person. When Edward left Bella broken, Jacob fixed her up, made her happy, gave her something to be happy about. Even when he becomes a werewolf, he manages to stay close with Bella, and they're happy. But then Edward returns, and Bella runs right back to him leaving Jacob in the dust. And Edward being a vampire restricts Jacob from seeing her. But even so, Jacob doesn't give up, he refuses to lose Bella, he refuses to lose someone he cares so much about. Even when he finds out that Bella wants to be a vampire, he still doesn't give up, he fights harder, he tells her his feelings for her. He loves her. So he fights and fights, he gives it everything he's got, he tries everything he can, and he STILL loses her. Even when she loves him back, he STILL loses her. He gave it everything he had, there's nothing else left. Now Jacob is completely heartbroken, he's depressed, enraged, bitter, in pain, and all his happiness is gone. Poor Jacob. The only thing that could save him from his pain is imprinting. It's like his pain was so bad, Meyer had to force happiness on him. Jacob deserves better than that. He's an awesome character with a broken heart. That's why I like him and Twilight Saga would suck without him around.

Werewolves (Shape-shifters)

I've always liked the wolf pack better than the vampires. If I had to choose between living with the Cullens or living with Sam/Jacob's Pack, I'd choose the pack. I always just found them far more interesting than the vampires. The Cullens are very dull and boring (I swear, if they didn't have Emmett...), while the wolf pack seems fun to hang around. Not to mention that they won't thirst for my blood. It also pisses me off how everyone underestimates them, especially Bella. "Jacob, you don't know what you're getting yourself into." Shut up Bella! Werewolves are strong, dammit! I also like how the wolf pack are thought of as "protectors". A group of people who share an extremely close bond like a family, maybe even closer, who have fun and live their lives, but still work hard to protect their land. That's awesome. Better than a family of vampires who are trying to fit in. If the series was all about sparkling vampires and nothing else, I would not like it.


The Eclipse movie is what really got me into the series. It's what made me want to read the books, and by reading the books, I found where the best experience is. Eclipse had the best story, the best mix of characters, the best romance, and the best action. What I really like about Eclipse is that Edward and Jacob finally fight for Bella's love. It's that rivalry that really makes Eclipse awesome, as well as the violence. The book is way better than the movie, but it is nice to actually see the action instead of read about it. Best in the series.

Things I hate about Twilight Saga

Bella Swan

Thumb-Bella Swan
Yeah. She is definitely my least favorite character. Definitely. Sorry to anyone that likes her, but I don't. I really started hating Bella when I first read the books. She's whiny, selfish, stubborn, has little to no personality, and is very very stupid. Stupidly in love with Edward I should say. It's like she has no brain, all that's up there in her head is a picture of Edward. He's all she cares about, her life revolves completely around Edward. What are her goals in life? To become a vampire and be with Edward forever, forget college. Her love for Edward prevents her from making any SMART decisions like, oh I don't know, picking Jacob over Edward. Ok ok, I know I'm entering Edward vs Jacob territory, but this is what I see. Bella wouldn't have to change and give anything up for Jacob. He's better for her, safer. But no, Bella so desperately wants to be with Edward forever that she doesn't care about what she's giving up. She's willing to give up her family, her friends, her humanity, and Jacob, ALL for Edward. Apparently Edward means far more to her than her mother and father, all her friends, and Jacob combined. That's not very nice. I'm sure that if she chose Jacob, she could still visit Edward and the Cullens like usual, but apparently that's just not enough. Plus, it's not like she'd be unhappy with Jacob, because she's in love with him too. If she chose Jacob she'd be happy, she even said it herself. But like I said, not very smart, too much Edward. Let's also not forget the danger she puts herself in by wanting Edward so much. First of all, being with a vampire who thirsts for your blood is dangerous enough, but then she has to prove her stupidity even further by having sex with him while she's still human. Does she not understand that he's a VAMPIRE who could KILL HER? Not only that but think about it, sex with a vampire, a stone cold corpse? Ewwww... And what really pisses me off is that, even though she was prepared to give it all up and put herself in so much danger, she ends up getting everything anyway. She keeps Jacob, she keeps her family, she stays in Forks and there's no war, she keeps her life AND her baby, she doesn't turn into a bloodthirsty monster like she's suppose to. She gets the perfectly perfect happy ending. It's like everything just conveniently and magically works it's way around so that she gets everything. Bella made a lot of mistakes and she should have had to deal with the consequences. But Bella never has to deal with any permanent consequences, because she's Bella. Ridiculous.

Edward Cullen

At first, Edward was my most hated character, that is until I found out how stupid Bella was. It all started when I first watched Twilight. Edward said three lines that made me hate him.

1. "You're like my own personal brand of heroin."

2. "I like watching you sleep. It sorta fascinates me."

3. "You better hold on tight, spider monkey."

Lame, creepy, creepy, and lame. That's what Edward is. And also, like Bella, he has no personality. It also makes me sick how Bella describes him, so perfect, soooooo perfect. Blech! There are a lot of boring characters in Twilight, but Edward is one of the most boring. Lame, creepy, and boring, that's what Edward is. But, as I read the books and realized how much I hate Bella, I also realized that I don't hate Edward as much as I thought. See, unlike Bella, Edward is actually SMART. He knew the consequences of the choices she was making and tried to keep away from her. Not very successfully though. And even when he couldn't keep away, he at least tried to convince her NOT to make her stupid decisions. But unfortunately, Edward's too much of a wimp. He can't bare saying "no" to Bella and hurting her. I guess Edward doesn't believe in tough love. For those reasons, I don't like Edward, but I don't completely hate him either. In the words of Rosalie, "I don't hate you, I don't particularly like you....or your fangirls." - Rosalie Hale ;)

Breaking Dawn

The rant is too long for this page. In a nutshell, I don't like Breaking Dawn and I think it's the worst entry in the series. K thnx bye

Go here for full rant User_blog:Kirby_Phelps_(PK)/Breaking_Dawn_thoughts...

Twilight Saga Short Review (Best to Worst)

#1 Eclipse

Eclipse-Book-Three-twilight-series-36654 397 600

Best One

Definitely the best one in the series. This one is where all the action, romance, and suspence reaches it's peak. No other Twilight book can top it. It's got a solid story, a great mix of characters, it doesn't just focus on one thing (Edward and Bella or Jacob and Bella), and it's got the most action. What I love most about it, is that Edward and Jacob finally fight for Bella's love. Two rivals competing against each other is always awesome. Too bad they never actually FIGHT each other, but it's the rivalry, the two relationships clashing, that really makes Eclipse stand out. I could be harsh and say that all the other Twilight books sucked, sucked royally, and Eclipse was the only good one. But I'm more forgiving than that. In all honesty, I seriously can't see how any Twilight fan could NOT like Eclipse. LOVE it.

Knives LOVE

#2 New Moon

This one was a little tricky. I remember watching the movie and thinking that it was boring. But then I read the book, and found that it was really enjoyable. I mean, it doesn't have much of a plot and the story doesn't move all that much forward. Edward leaves, we learn about Jacob and the pack, Edward comes back. Nothing really moved forward. But I think the biggest reason why I liked New Moon is because of my own personal preferences. Jacob's my favorite character, and I like the wolf pack a hell of a lot better than the Cullens. So that might be why I like it, I just find Jacob and the pack more interesting.

#3 Twilight

This one is tricky too, like New Moon. This time the situation is opposite. I read the book and really get annoyed that it's all about Edward and Bella. It's just about them. Jacob isn't even an important character yet, so no wolf pack, and I of course prefer the wolves over the vampires. So reading about how perfect Edward is for 400 pages gets really boring and really UGHing. I actually barely made it through Twilight because it was so boring. The thing that kept me going is that I'd already seen the movie, so I already knew that it would get interesting eventually. Dull, but at least it has a decently solid story.

#4 Breaking Dawn


Worst One

Ok. Breaking Dawn is just ridiculous, okay. It's just ridiculous. I really really hate that the series has to end this way. First of all, the romance is all gone. You may think that now that Edward and Bella are married, it'll get better. Well think again. The thing that made the romance good, was the fact that they were still building it. Working around obstacles and stuff. Well now they're married, the love is already set, it's settled down. Now lets talk about the totally ridiculous storyline. Bella gets married, Bella gets pregnant (despite vampires not having bodily fluids), Bella carries a life sucking baby that should've killed her, she has the baby, names it Renesmee, and somehow doesn't die, Jacob IMPRINTS on the baby which he hated more than anything, Bella turns into a vampire and DOESN'T go crazy like she should, the Volturi come to kill the baby, everyone prepares for an epic battle, there IS NO epic battle and the Volturi leave convinced that there's no threat, the story ends before we can even see what Jacob and Renesmee would have been like as a couple. What really annoyed me is all the stuff that SHOULD have happened, but didn't, and all the crap that DID happen, but really shouldn't have. And the ending was sooooo unsatisfying. Meyer gears us all up for a big battle and nothing happens. Also, if Meyer really needed to have Jacob imprint on a baby that he hates (or hated), then the LEAST she could do is show Jacob and Renesmee 7 years later as a couple. All we can do now is assume. The only thing I liked about Breaking Dawn is reading from Jacob's perspective, Seth and Leah got more character development, and I found the honeymoon thing kinda funny. Bella made a lot of bad decisions throughout the Twilight Saga, and it seemed like Breaking Dawn had all those bad decisions come back at her. But no, in the magical world of Twilight, nothing permanently bad happens to Bella. Hell, in the end, she got everything she wanted. EVERYTHING!! The world of Twilight moves itself around so that everything works out for her. She really is the center of the universe. And that's why I hate her. :) *sigh* Breaking Dawn ruined everything in my opinion. I try to just block it out, pretend it never happened, pretend that The Twilight Saga was just a trilogy. But it DID happen, and I'm forced to accept that. *groan*

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Bella and Jacob force kiss blooper

My favorite pages

My first fan fic (summary): Alternate Ending: If Bella and Jacob kissed in New Moon

My first real short fan fic: Twilight Meets Pokemon


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